Planning A Road Trip With The Girls

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As the weather gets colder, many of us think back to the warm summer days of the months before, wishing that they were slipping their toes through the sand, rather than into their snow boots to brave the frigid weather. Sound familiar? Instead of letting the weather get you down, gather all your girls together and start planning a road trip for when the weather gets warmer. In fact, we challenge you to use all the creative energy that you would normally put into editing a #summerthrowback Instagram picture, and put it into planning the best road trip ever. To get you started, we’ve put together a traveler approved guide to planning a road trip which will leave you and all your gal pals with memories to last a lifetime.

Plan Ahead… Way Ahead
If life were a chick flick, you and all your friends would miraculously have the same week off from work, with no pre-scheduled appointments, and zero responsibilities to take care of. But, it should come to no surprise that that’s not the way the “real world” works, which is exactly why it’s uber important to plan months ahead of time. Keep in mind, the more people on the trip, the more that all members of the group will have to work with one another.

Best Friends FOREVER
As adolescents, we come to believe that we should only take extravagant trips and attend splendid events with the boy’s that we’ll one day marry and the friends whom we’ve had for our entire life. It’s time to toss that idea to the wind, and understand that what it comes down to is this: traveling offers you the opportunity to experience new things and grow as a person and you have every right to take full advantage of these opportunities at any point in life with whomever you’d like.

Give a Little, Get a Little
Being that you’ll be traveling with friends, it’s important to keep compromise in mind. No matter how much you and your crew are, there will always be differences between you. This doesn’t just come down to the food you pack, or car you take, rather differences amongst a group affect the tiniest details of a road trip. For example, you may want to run spend some time on a jogging trail in a state park you’ve never been too, while one of your friends may prefer to spend that time at a museum that happens to be an hour in the other direction. Compromise is key is making sure that everyone has a good time.

Saving, Spending, and Splurging
Many people embark on road trips thinking that it is less costly than the average vacation, but that’s not entirely true. While planning, it’s important to keep in mind the cost of gas, food, overnight safety, souvenirs and more. It’s also important to plan for toll costs, emergency cash, and even the cost of cellular overages (as it’s likely that the passengers will be racking up the data with all the Instagram pictures to post, updates to tweet and Facebook live videos to share the funniest moments with those back home).

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