Meal Planning Tips for Plenty of Fruits And Veggies

The reality is that so many of us try to fit 25 hours’ worth of tasks into a 24-hour day. Of course, we’re not suggesting that there’s anything wrong with maximizing your productivity and achieving what you set out to do. The point that we are trying to make, however, is that is when we try to fit everything into such a small period of time, it’s typical for certain things to be neglected—yes, by “certain thing” we’re talking about your food choices. Most would probably admit that the last thing they want to do after a long work day, is go home to make a hearty and healthy dinner. So, we end up stopping at the drive-thru, ordering take-out, or heating up a microwave meal. Now, we’re all human, so we totally get it! Which is why we wanted to pass along a few meal prep tips. Read through the list below to get ideas and inspiration for fruit-and-veggie-filled meals (and snacks). Not only will you feel better about eating healthier, but your body will thank you, too.

Have A Plan
One of the best ways work healthier foods into your diet is to plan ahead of time. This doesn’t mean that you must plan out each and every bite that you take—that would be miserable! Instead, if you take less than one hour each weekend to create a loose plan of the lunches and/or dinners that you want to eat in the upcoming week, mealtime will go much smoother. You can look online for inspiration when planning your meals, or ask your friends what they do to incorporate fruits and greens into their meals. Look out for recipes that incorporate hearty veggies. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even check out easy-to-make desserts that feature fruits.

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Stick to The Plan
Studies show that you’re more likely to stick to a plan when you write it down; it’s all about holding yourself accountable. However, it can be hard to follow through with a plan without the proper tools. In this case, the proper tools are your ingredients! Once you have your meals planned, go to the supermarket and get all the ingredients you need for the week. This extra step will encourage you to stick with the plan in order to prevent food going to waste! Also, you can save yourself time by making enough to eat for an extra day or two. Reheating leftovers is a huge timesaver that can ensure you’re eating healthfully.

Avoid A Snack Attack
For some, it’s not the actual meals that are nutrition-less, it’s the irresistible snacks in between the meals. Sound familiar? Need to tame your sweet tooth or salt-loving taste buds? There are a few different things you can to cut back on, such as cookies, candies, and chips, and swap them with flavorful and nutritious fruits and veggies:

  • Keep an assortment of dried fruits on hand; the great thing about dried fruit is it’s pretty simple to store and keep fresh. Try keeping an air tight container in your car, office, or wherever else your sweet tooth gets tempted.
  • Smoothies are great on-the-go meals. Not only are they immensely healthier than a fast food meal but they taste better, too!
  • Chop up things like carrots, celery, peppers, etc. to keep in the refrigerator. Next time you’re craving something crunchy grab a handful of these colorful veggies!
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