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Makeup Only Halloween Costumes

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With Halloween approaching closer every day, if you have not finalized your costume, there’s no time like the present to get on the ball. You don’t want to be that person at the party whose costume reeks of no more than a “last minute” thoughtless assembly. You’ve seen this person before on Halloween, and you probably had to suppress the urge to ask “Why did you even bother?” There are almost infinite costume effects you can pull off, and they fall within a huge range of involvement, with some simply being as uncomplicated as changing up the manner in which you apply  your makeup for the day or night. That “last minute” costume arrival at any party usually winds up in need of some far fetched story to tell in justification of the pitiful attempt at creating the costume he or she is wearing–if you could even call it a costume. Often these attempts at avoiding being shamed by everyone at the party don’t even qualify.

Make it Simple Without Sacrificing Impact
No matter what your reason might be, you can fully participate in any Halloween festivities without going to a whole lot of trouble, or spending an excessive amount of money–and still look fantastic. Have you considered creating your Halloween costume or look, by using makeup, exclusively? Others are doing it–and many will be this year–and it’s no less of a costume than a fully covering, from head to toe somethingorother. By centering your Halloween persona around your makeup, there’s no expense of buying a one-size-fits-all cheaply made costume, and you’ll be a lot more comfortable spending the evening in your own clothes, as well.

Where to Go to Get Ideas
There are many dramatic effects you can produce with only makeup as your Halloween costume. The Internet is full of pictures to check out and help give you ideas for creating your own look. Videos on YouTube take you step by step through the entire process, for a complete form of support in understanding just how to achieve different looks. The best way to get started is to come up with a general idea of what you want to represent. For instance, Do you fancy being a vampire, with dark, hollow eyes, pale, washed out coloring and bloody pointed teeth? Maybe a cat-like entity with heavily lined eyelids and unique jewels affixed in patterns would best represent your Halloween mood. You might decide to create a one of a kind mask, to cover your whole face, a portion of your face, or even one side only. Decide whether you want your look to be gory, vampy, seductive, cute or some other motif.

Some Suggestions
If you need a little help starting, some of the more popular designs involve jack-o-lantern faces and skeletons. Keep in mind that there is no “one way” for any of these to look. Be creative, fancy, outlandish or whatever your mood moves you to do. You might first try drawing some ideas out on paper, just for sizing and spacing everything you have in mind. Determine colors and the type of makeup you’ll need. Generally, the final detailing can best be done with a liquid eyeliner and the brush that came with it. Sugar Skulls are really hot right now, and you can copy one or make up your own. The sky’s the limit, in terms of design ideas. Whatever you choose, first lay down your color, either with grease paint or colored powders. When you’ve finished placing the colors, then come in with your detailing with black liquid eyeliner. For the most part, the more outlining you can do, the better. The outlines give your Halloween makeup the finishing touch that not only gives you a professional look.but also adds a lot of presence to your design effects.

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