Freckle Tattoos and More New Beauty Trends

As the year of 2016 comes to a close, it’s important to leave the past behind and look forward to the brand new year that will inevitably begin. Looking back on this year, there have been some pretty wild hair, makeup, fashion, and beauty trends to take place, some of which will thankfully be left behind while other emerging trends take their place.  Per usual, the hottest spring beauty trends tend to become more and more evident as the new year’s countdown dwindles. Since we want all our readers to look better than ever in this upcoming year, we’ve pulled together this list of the new beauty trends that are catching fire now and predicted to be hotter than ever in the upcoming year.

woman with tattoo freckle

Freckle Tattoos
Freckle envy took a major turn this past summer when those without the pigmented skin marks took matters into their own hands (literally) and started “drawing” freckles on themselves with caramel colored lip liner or eye pencil. The beauty gurus of Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube got their message across to the beauty industry loud and clear; that is, the message that the freckle-less ladies want freckles, too! A new startup company has taken matters into their own hands and developed freckle tattoos. Essentially, one is to place a freckle stencil where they want natural looking beauty marks, apply the freckle ink over the stencil so that it gets onto the cut-out areas and onto the skin. Depending on how frequently one repeats the process, the tattoo freckles can last anywhere from two days to two months!

Healthy Glow
The au naturel trend remains to hold its place and is now more intense than ever before. Everything from wet hair and oil-slicked skin is no longer seen as laziness or unkemptness, but rather as a bold and beautiful stamen of embracing beauty. Rocking this trend all out takes a level of confidence that many women may not be able to completely embrace. If this is the case, one can still take part in the fad by letting their hair air dry and adding sheen to it with shine serum. Another option is to make sure you and your skin are continually moisturized. In addition to amping up your water intake, you can use a humidifier regularly, and apply an ultra hydrating face and body moisturizer on a daily basis.

woman applying blush

Blush Rush
Bronzer and highlighter have been stealing the stage for the past few years, and finally, it’s time for blush to have in on the action – and in a big, bold way, too. While it seems makeup lovers may be pushing their bronzer away, for the time being, there’s no putting down the highlighter. Have in on the blush rush by applying the rosy color with a heavy hand all around the apples of your cheeks and up to your temples. Then go back over the entire area, this time dusting it with a highlighter. 

Deep Side Parts
Over the past few years the side part has become increasingly popular and now women are taking it to the next level by bringing it lower to the year as a deep side part. Not sure where to part your hair for this one? One method is to take the end of a comb, place the tip of it out the outer edge of your brow, and pull it backwards to create the side part!

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