Tips for Flawless Mascara Application

One thing women of all ages seem to be after, is long, clump-free, voluminous-looking eyelashes. Surely you’ve gathered a few tips over the years, some of which may have worked and perhaps others didn’t’ make a difference whatsoever. But here at Lionesse, we hear ya, girl! Which is why we’ve compiled this list of tried and tested tips to ensure flawless mascara application. With these tips for mascara application, you can say “Buh-bye” to short, thin, or clumpy looking lashes, and “hello” to full, lengthy, and fathered out lashes.

woman applying mascara in mirror

Conditioner Is Your Friend
Right after you shampoo in the shower, it’s likely that you slather on a conditioner to preserve the strength and integrity of your locks. After you wash your makeup off at night, do you condition your lashes? Probably not – and that’s okay, you’re not alone. Many people skip the nourishing step simply because they are unaware. From now on, be sure to condition your lashes with Vaseline or castor oil after washing your face in the evening.

Prep and Prime
Many people apply a primer before applying cosmetic products to the face, but forget to prep their eyelashes. After all, the lashes are about to be coated in makeup too, so it only makes since to prep the lashes just the same. There are a handful of eyelash primers on the market that are specifically formulated for those who have thin or weak lashes, however, if your lashes are in a generally healthy state you will benefit from applying your regular face primer or eyeshadow primer to your lashes.

 Make a Decision
Since everyone’s lashes are different, the beauty industry has various mascara products which enhance the lashes in different ways. For example, there are mascaras that are meant to curl lashes, some which lengthen, some that provide volume, as well as those that are water and sweat proof. When choosing a mascara, it’s important to decide on what you’re trying to accomplish with the product. While the applicator may look cool on the lengthening mascara, it’s not going to help if you’re looking to curl those lashes. It’s common to think that all mascara is created equal, however, the brush and the formula are specific to each intended purpose.

woman applying mascara

Use the Proper Tools
If you’re not notorious for your patience, it’s likely that you’ve given up on applying mascara to your bottom lashes. If you’re sick of giving yourself raccoon eyes in the process of applying mascara to your bottom lashes, you’ll love this trick! Wipe the mascara on a freshly dipped wand onto a tissue, then find the smallest lip brush that you have, and get work the mascara into the bristles of the lip brush. Now, paint the mascara onto the bottom lashes, being sure to focus on the roots first, then pulling the product outwards.

Baby Powder for Extra Volume
Rather than applying umpteen coats of mascara in the hopes of volumizing, alternate each coat with a layer of baby powder. To do this, you’ll want to have a small amount of baby powder on a tissue in front of you, as well as a clean Q-tip. Go ahead and apply a single layer of mascara, then while it’s still wet, dip the Q-tip into the baby powder and run it across your lashes. Add a fresh coat of mascara, and repeat until you achieve your desired look.

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