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Eyeliner: The 411 on One of the Oldest Makeup Tools in History

Woman applying eyeliner

Whenever there is a questionnaire about the noticeables among people, the eyes have it, as the most important feature of any person. They are usually the very first things we notice in others we have just met. They are where we look in conversation, especially when we want to get a feel for the inference the speaker is placing on what he or she is saying. Women who wear makeup on their eyes understand this, and in applying makeup, accentuate their main source of expression in dynamic ways.

There Is More Than One Way to Line an Eye
Most women learn or figure out a straight-on style of application for eyeliner and they tend to stick with it, whether it’s day or night, work or play. The style stays the same, regardless. The different tricks you can do with eyeliner can completely reshape your eyes and give you an entirely different look. Learning a few different tips can help you to establish some cool ways to change up your look, especially playing up your best features and working with your eye color to make them sparkle.

What Gel Can Do
Gel can do everything liquid eyeliner can do, but without the mess and need to be so precise. The best tool for applying gel liner is an angled brush of natural hair. It’s far more forgiving and looks every bit as enriching as the liquid variety.

Learn Which Colors Work With Your Eye Color
It’s important to understand which colors enhance your own natural eye color and which just sit there, flatly and unexpressive. For blue eyes, some shades that work are cooler purples and violets, grays and mauves. Play around with these to find the ones you prefer. You’ll generally know which ones work from the compliments you receive. The warmer tones of bronze and coppery eyeliners–and muted greens–all rock brown eyes. Purple has long been a great complementary color for green eyes, and greens, browns and some golds are wonderful. Generally, black and charcoal will work for everyone.

Woman with winged eyes

Winging it
Wings are really hot in a liner, and the extra bit of drama and flair they add can be yours. While they might appear to look difficult to pull off, wings are easy, and again, easiest with gel liner and a thin, tapered brush.

  • First, apply liner starting at the outer corner all the way across the upper lid to the inside corner, right on the lash line.
  • Go back over the line, this time from the inner corner and out, perfecting any gaps as you go. Widen the line slightly as you move outward.
  • From the outer corner, paint the wing slightly upward and out, and taper it to a soft point on the tip.
  • You decide how long to make your wing, but make sure that they are the same on both eyes.

The Lower Level
You can get a more dramatic look by lining the lower lash line. Liquid and gel liners are a bit intense for this area. Better to use a pencil for the lower liner, and draw a thin line right at the lashes, from the outer corner to the inside. Make sure to make a connection with upper and lower liner on the outside corner of your eyes.

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