Eye Health for Contact Lens Wearers

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Millions of people use contact lenses on a day to day basis. However, only a fraction of individuals practice proper contact lens hygiene. Many men and women are taught hygiene basics when they’re children (i.e. washing hands with soap and water, brushing teeth twice a day), and by the time a person is old enough to wear contact lenses it’s assumed that they somehow already know how to properly care for contact lenses. News flash: proper eye and contact lens hygiene isn’t as commonly known as it should be – especially considering the number of individuals who wear contacts regularly.

Are you a new contact lens wearer? If so, you should most definitely read though the list of tips below to make sure that you are taking the best possible care of your contacts and maintaining your eye health. Maybe you’re more of a seasoned contact lens wearer, perhaps you’d consider yourself a contact wearing pro. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t pass up these tips; instead you, too, should read on and make sure your eye health and contact lens hygiene knowledge is up to par.

Clean Up
It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s so important to wash your hands whenever you plan on handling lenses. This means you should be cleaning up with soap and water before putting your lenses in and before taking them out. Unless you’re a geomorphob, it’s very unlikely that you are adamant about this – we get it, when you’re running late washing your hands can seem like an eternity. The thing is, by not washing your hands, you run the risk of transmitting all kinds of infections into your eyes every time you handle your lenses. Don’t be ignorant, just do yourself a favor!

Trade In
We’re not talking about the new iPhone (unless you want to tell us how awesome your new iPhone 7 is? If that’s the case do tell, leave us a comment)! Rather, we’re talking about switching out your old pair of contacts for a new pair. Switching out you’re contact lenses at the proper time is so important because – just like all other beauty products – contact lenses do expire! The moment you open a new pair of lenses, the clock is ticking, and when time’s up it’s curtail that you throw them out. Upgrade time differs depending on the type of contact you use, so check the packaging and follow the recommendation. If you’re unsure you should reach out to your eye doctor.

Don’t Top it Off
Topping off a margarita during girl’s night? Absolutely. Topping off your water bottle because you’re killing your hydration goal? Do it up, girl. Topping off the solution in your contact lens case?  Oh no, don’t you even think about it! We get it, you left the solution in there this morning, why not plop ‘em back in there, top it off and call it a night, right? The thing is, all that left over solution is harboring yesterday’s germs and bacteria. By putting your contacts back in the same solution (even if it is slightly diluted with fresh solution) you’re basically giving your lenses an overnight bacteria bath. Avoid eye irritation and infection by letting your lenses freshen up in new contact solution every night.

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