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Does Makeup Need to Change with Haircuts?

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Now, when you go in for a half-inch or two off, there is really nothing you need to do differently with regard to your style of makeup. It’s the more dramatic length reductions and scissors-sculpted effects that always have a major effect on the look of your “till now” standby makeup routine. You have surely noticed how some cuts–especially those including a variety of bang effects–that are quite powerful at drawing attention to the eyes, and making them appear large, and doe-eyed. This being the case, an entirely different technique is called for, especially to avoid an “overdone” appearance. If you’re planning on chopping off some serious inches or sections, this read is a good place to get started on how your makeup application might change, as a result.

Change Levels Correspond
The more obviously a haircut impacts your hairstyle, the more of an in-depth critique you’ll need to perform on how to most flatteringly change your makeup–but that’s not where the changes will stop. With extreme-change haircuts, there comes the need to revisit jewelry, the type of purses and bags you carry, your style of dress, shoes and everything you “put on.” Sometimes moving to a short style can bring out your inner gamine sprite, or tomboy, and as a result, your best choice might be to create a lot more subdued effect with the makeup–or you might want to vividly focus on your eyes alone, with some richly applied winged eyeliner and lusciously thick lashes, with “barely there” dominating the rest of your facial landscape.

Choppy Layers and Extreme Razored Edges Love Lips
Choppy cuts featuring some longer layers in the mix always look super sexy and flirty with deeper reds, and the currently trending plums in lipstick simply meld in simpatico unison with the choppy windswept cuts. These well-done lip shades beg to be the star attraction, so a downplay of the other products does a nice job of it.

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Pixie Powered Makeup
When you reduce your coif’s volume this substantially, you’re showing more of your face and the skin that’s on it. This is when sporting an evenly-toned non-shiny skin is most important. While a little radiance from a touch of dusted luminosity at strategically appointed places is ok, your pixie begs for a mostly matte finished skin. Moisturize and prime with matte finishes, and mineral powders are your best bet for matte effects in foundation. Richer, fuller and a tad darker brows rock a pixie, and go lighter on the shadow while laying down a thicker line of liner–replete with a cat-eye point out to either side. For lips, something interesting in a color can do more than the more vivid and bold colors. Pixies love pinky-mauves and light plums–in matte-loving flat.

Movin’ on Up?
There’s no better time for pulling out the more playful colors in lip wear than with a move up in the length of your tresses. With all that new lighter bounce and swing, playful lips will be the absolute best complement for giving you an overall attractive allure beyond words. Rotate the finishes, from sheer to shiny to matte and stains. Lip Power is yours, post-cut!

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