Choosing The Perfect Date Night Outfit

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Choosing the perfect date night outfit is always a feat; whether it’s your first date or one hundredth, it’s likely that you’ll go through an hour’s worth of wardrobe changes leading up to the special night out. To save you some time and prevent some stress we’ve pulled together four no-fail date night outfits.

Black and White
Not only is the black and white combo a classic, but it leaves lots of room for you to personalize the look by adding whatever kinds of accessories you’d like. The black and white look that we had in mind includes knee length, shirtsleeve dress (some call this a t-shirt dress while others refer to it as a shift dress). The dress should be white, as the “black” in this black and white duo is a black leather jacket. You can give the look a modern touch by wearing beige or gray shoes paired with a similarly colored bag. Give the look a chic touch by accessorizing in black instead!

Layer Your Mini
A great way to show your modesty is by pairing a non-cleavage bearing mini dress with a trench coat. Trench coats are “in” for women of all ages at the moment, plus they’ll keep you covered if you have to face chilly, winter weather. Another great element of the trench coat is that it can show off your figure without being over-flaunting. Some style experts recommend wearing a dress in the same color as the coat to create a sense of unison when your jacket is on, off, or just unzipped.

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Loose Fitting and Laid Back
Dates can feel tense, right? So why not take some of the edge off by wearing a loose fitting and laid back ensemble? Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you wear your sweats to happy hour, but we do think that giving your favorite pair of jeans a night out is a good idea. You’re your most loved boot cuts make a statement while keeping your nerves low key. Top the denim with a simple tank that shows off just the slightest bit of skin. The great thing about this outfit is that it allows you the option of adding your personal touch to it many ways. You can add some glam by slipping on a stack of bangles or wearing a beaded necklace. You can also choose to wear pointed heels or scalloped flats.

Little Black Leather
Everyone is obsessing over the black leather skirt right now, and we totally can see why! Leather and black have almost always made great date night staples, so why not bring them together for a sweet date night ensemble? Now, many people are rocking leather as a fitted mini skirt these days, however, for date night we want to give the suggestion of being a bit more modest and wearing a black leather pleated skirt. Not only is this much comfier, but with its hem at the knees, you won’t have to worry about pulling your skirt down every few steps. No matter what skirt you choose the perfect way to top it off is a black long sleeved sweater. We like the idea of nude flats for this outfit, but a set of heels would look great too.

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