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Celeb Inspired Winter Makeup Ideas

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If you were a red carpet, A-lister celebrity, how would you do your makeup? While the inquiring minds of fans everywhere want to know, If they indeed want to know–then they should look to the top makeup artists who are the faces behind the lavish looks of all those leading women. While there are probably a few sparsely numbered occasions when circumstances dictate that a top-billed celebrity must tragically suffer the horrors of doing her own makeup, thankfully, any such instances are a rarity. With another winter upon us, what can we learn about the top looks of the best-paid celebrities? The answer to this question is surely to be found by taking a peek into the wise proclamations of the people who create their looks, their appeal and their longevity. The talent surely belongs to the artists–the celebs–but if it were not for these inspiring makeup artists, many Hollywood celebs would become no-go’s.

Oh, What Makeup Done Properly Can Do
Often, the most important tips within the celeb makeup industry have to do with corrective illusions perfected by amazing effects. These are all enabled by absolute and precise laying down of colors and tones to highlight and minimize without ever appearing to be rendered unnaturally. When it comes down to the “au naturel” looks of these top earners of the entertainment industry, chances are you would not even recognize them in real time, without their professionally-rendered perfection. They were not born this way–they were just blessed with professional makeup artists whose magic wands–AKA cosmetic brushes–can always wield visuals that reduce nose and chin sizes, puff out upper and lower lips, cover scars, wrinkles and breakouts and define sculpted assets. Let’s see how some leading makeup artists weigh in, with regard to how their canvases–the top celebs–always look better than the masses:

  • Carmindy: She’s been featured in every possible women’s fashion and glamor mag, and her style, tips and practices are lauded. industry-wide. She brings a breath of fresh air to the pocket-poor fashionistas who want the look. She includes numerous tutorials using Wet N Wild to create amazing beauty. Her tip? Stay clear of the black and brown eyeliners–go dark, but make it blue, green or if neither of these suits you, go with a deep slate. Follow with a white, sparkly shadow above. She promotes a special crimping technique that creates a visually enhanced thickening to lashes. She is definitely one to follow.
  • James Vincent: Blushmaster to the stars, Vincent advises to apply your blush prior to foundation for a more natural rosy glow. He suggests bright warm pinks for starters, but all in all, recommends employing two shades overall. The lighter shade should ride on the apples of the cheekbones, with the darker shade placed just beneath. And then, for a third finishing effect, come back with a nice bronzer, sweeping gentle sun kissed bronze directly where the sun might hit, during midday hours.

Secret Tip
When applying any color, whether eyeshadow or blush, first lay down in water-saturated form. Then, when almost dry, use a sponge to evenly broadcast the color in a more natural manner.

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