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Carnival Mask-Proof Make-Up

Woman wearing carnival mask

Carnival is all about parades, cut-loose parties, and festive balls. It’s about dancing like nobody’s watching to the compelling beats of high-energy calypso music with soca strains and wildly ornamented and ornate, vividly colored costumes, feathers and beading. It’s about creatively and exotically concealing your identity with artist flair in mask form until the big reveal, at which time everyone simultaneously rips away the face covering to share the person who until now, was partying beneath the mask. And when that moment arrives–and it will–and everyone’s true identity is revealed, what shape will “your identity” be in? Will your makeup have withstood the test of time and partying underneath a mask? The answer is, “Probably not, if you don’t apply it with a focus on mask-resistance.

Mask-Minded Makeup Means No Scary Surprises Later
Don’t make the mistake made all too frequently by too many women who are getting ready to attend a masked event. They rather mindlessly stick to the regular makeup routine they follow religiously on a daily basis, without giving a second thought to how wearing a mask might affect the look they’ve worked so carefully to achieve for the face that will be hidden below the mask. If celebs like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry can pull it off, you can too. With some staying power inspiration, you’ll be able to rock that mask for most of the night and still look fab when you pull it off later on.

Fundamentals for Masked-to-Unmasked Flawless Foundation
When the time comes to pull away the mask, your foundation will still be going strong, if you use a slightly dampened sponge to press a quality foundation into your skin. Make sure to go with a long wearing formulation for success. Next, apply your cheek color, and the finish that will be your face’s saving grace at reveal time comes from setting your foundation and blush with a Makeup Finishing Spray. Use this instead of powder. Even powder marked as translucent tends to photograph caked-up looking.

Woman with smoky eye makeup

Keep Your Eyes Reveal-Ready
Some of your eye focus will rely upon how close the mask comes to your eyes, or in how small the eye openings are. The design of many masks will allow for you to come in and manually enlarge the eye openings with a razor or an exacto knife. Just shave off a tad at a time, as you can always cut out more, but you cannot replace what you removed from the mask. Just cut off enough to remove any area or edge that might come in contact with your eyelashes, particularly. And when applying your eye makeup, the best-ever look for wearing a mask is the smudgy, smoky one. Make sure to begin with a good shadow primer. Press a black or charcoal gray gel pencil into your lash line, and with an eyeshadow brush, work it in to blend toward the crease. Shadow or not, along with specific color–above that is your choice. Load up on the mascara, and here’s a wonderful opportunity to sport faux lashes.

Lasting Lipwear
Here’s a great occasion to wear one of the lipsticks formulated to last all day, and there are several good brands. Apply it, and go. Wear a vibrant color–it’s Carnival! And most likely, your lips will be showing with the typical Carnival mask, so make sure they reflect the Carnival attitude.

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