Beauty Products You Need In Your Clutch

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One of the best feelings is when your plans for a night out go, well…just as planned; you manage to find the perfect outfit for the occasion, not a single friend has flaked last minute, and you got word that your crush will be there—which is perfect because your hair looks amazing. All that’s left to do is figure out which necessities to cram into your clutch. Charged cell phone; check. ID, credit card, and cash; check, check, and check! Now for the beauty products…deciding what to bring and what to leave at home is the hardest part of getting ready for a night out. To save you from the struggle next time you hit the town, we’ve put together this guide entailing the essential beauty products that you need in your clutch.

Two Hair Ties
Yes, two. Hair ties are extremely space efficient, so an extra one won’t put a damper on the room left in your clutch. Of course, you could always wear one, or both, on your wrist. Wondering why you need two instead of one? Think of it as insurance; any girl has experienced the tragedy of a hair tie snapping at the most crucial time. On the other hand, how many times have you been out and a friend—or total stranger in the lady’s room—asked you for a hair tie? With an extra, you can be that awesome chick that had one.

There hundreds of brands that sell perfume in a miniature or roll-on size bottle. Another option is solid a perfume which is almost always a compact size. This is a perfect way to freshen up after you’ve been on the dance floor.

Woman applying mascara in car

Sample size or travel size mascaras are a perfect addition to your clutch. While they can usually be found in the travel section of a beauty store, chances are you have one laying around from last holiday season, as many department stores give them out as “gift with purchases.”

Mini Toothbrush
Specifically, the one-time-use brushes that have a dab of toothpaste in the center and a toothpick on the end. They’re made by just about every oral care company these days and can just found just about any place you buy dental hygiene products! These come in extremely handy when you need to remove cocktail stains from your teeth before a photo op. Not to mention, you can freshen your breath if you think you think you’ll be getting cozy with your crush.

Blotting Papers
If you’re someone with oily skin, blotting papers will become your best friend. The size of a typical package is about as wise as a credit card and only about twice as thick. Simply dab the sheet of paper any place you notice excess shine and it will be absorbed without running your makeup.

Woman doing make up holding compact powder

Compact Powder
If you’re worried about the longevity of your face makeup, it’s a good idea to bring along a compact powder. Your best bet is to keep a translucent shade on hand for these kinds of situations, and you’ll even up your clutch-game if the compact includes a mirror and an application sponge.

Lip Balm
Of all the lip products out there, lip balm is the best option for your clutch. Not only will it provide your lips with moisture, but you can choose a color that matches your lipstick and use it to freshen up your look.

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