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Makeup artists have a talent unlike any other. In addition to using their tools to enhance and modify the appearance of a person’s features, a makeup artist can instill a sense of confidence into a person – how rewarding! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your makeup done by a professional beautician every time you wanted to leave the house? As desirable as it seems, we also know this falls into the “unrealistic” category for many women. We got to thinking how can we help you feel like you’ve had your makeup professionally done, without the professional – but without too much thought, we realized that the question pretty much answered itself. You don’t need a makeup artist to achieve professional looking makeup; what you need is the tips and tricks of the trade! We reached out to industry experts who shared with us a handful of the best-kept secrets a gal needs to become her own makeup artist.

Primer and Powder
Basic products you’ve used forever, right? We can guarantee that you haven’t been using them to the best of their abilities, though! These two products were designed to make makeup last longer. Typically, you apply primer first and foremost, work through the application of all other products, then swipe on some finishing powder. However, there’s an even better method of application for the pair of products. From now on, apply a layer of finishing powder right after priming! Having these power products together allows them to give you the maximum benefit. If you know it’s going to be a long day, don’t stop with the powder there. Dust a light coat of powder on after every layer of makeup. This ensures you a strong hold to last for hours.

There isn’t one makeup artist who will tell you that they created a perfect look on their first try. Whether someone went through cosmetology schooling or is a self-taught YouTube guru, they’ve spent hours and hours practicing the craft of makeup application. Set aside time in the day to practice applying makeup just as you would for another skill you wanted to master.

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Basic Brushes
If you don’t already have a set of quality brushes, now’s the time to splurge. There are a fair amount of quality brushes that you can pick up at the drugstore, however, you should have a set of eight basic brushes in the best quality you can get your hands on. Almost any professional will tell you that without quality tools, they couldn’t get their job done; a carpenter needs steady bolts to hold a house up, a mechanic needs feature oil to make a car run smoothly, a hairdresser needs worthy sheers to create a desirable look, and a makeup artist needs quality brushes to create an outstanding finished look. There is a total of eight basic brushes that you should have on hand: a foundation brush, concealer brush, puffy powder brush, blush brush, and a blending brush (a small one will do), as well as a flat eyeshadow brush, an angle brush, and a lip brush.

Use Brushes Adequately
One of the biggest mistakes the average woman makes is using the wrong brush for the job – and not by mistake either! For whatever reason, we grab the most convenient brush (or use the same brush) even if it’s not the proper brush for the product being applied. Each brush is designed for a specific purpose, use it for the purpose!

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