Asian Beauty Trends

Some of the most exquisite beauty trends tend to come from none other than the Asian territories throughout the world. Places like Japan, Korea, and China, as well as other Asian nations are responsible for some of the most beloved beauty products in our current markets, as well as traditions and beauty tricks used for centuries. Today, Lionesse would like to take a closer look at some of the most popular Asian beauty trends being used and seen in parts of Asia as well as throughout the world.

Pink blush applied right below the eyes

Under-eye Blush
Contrary to everything we have been taught when it comes to beauty, this Japanese beauty trend is taking the country by storm. Apparently, Japanese women and girls are utilizing this trend which makes them appear sick on purpose to reflect beauty. What? Yes, you read right. Apparently, the Japanese believe that this helps to give a glow to the skin and also makes the person utilizing the trend appear fragile, as though they are in need of a rescue. If you want to get the look yourself, be sure to apply plenty of bright pink blush underneath the eyes, coupled with pale cheeks to complete the look. If you really want to take it all the way, work on your brows with a pencil to give your brow a furrowed, worried look, which is also very trendy in Japan right now.

Woman holding a finger on her lips.

The Finger Trap Test
Many of us have never heard of this beauty trend, but it originated in Japan and consists of resting your index finger on the tip of your nose, and forming your hand into a fist and resting it on your chin, as if you were holding up the number one with a closed fist. According to the test, if your lips touch your hand, you’re pretty – and if they don’t, you’re unattractive. Though this isn’t quite a beauty trend, it pertains to beauty, and it’s pretty abnormal – so we had to include this one on the list.

Gradient lip

Gradient Lips
Gradient lips are super popular in all Asian countries right now, and they consist of applying a small bit of red lipstick to the bottom of the top lip and to the top of the bottom lip and blending out and away from the application spot, focusing more on the center of the lips than anything, to achieve the appearance of a plump lip with a bit of color. We must admit, this is a pretty fantastic trend that we will love for a long time to come! We aren’t quite sure which Asian territory started this trend, we just know that it did get its beginnings in Asia.

Asian eyebrow trends

The Korean Eyebrow Look
Many women nowadays are opting for a bigger, bolder, more natural brow. For those who love that look, you could opt for the Korean eyebrow look that is making huge waves in the beauty industry. To get the look, you will need an angled brow brush, light colored brow powder, and that’s it. Create a boxy brow look beginning at the inner corner of the brow, and work the light colored brow powder throughout the eyebrow in a thin application. Don’t create high arches, keep it natural toned and beautiful – and there you have it, a gorgeous Korean brow look.

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