Age Appropriate Makeup for Teens

There comes a point in every teen girl’s life where they begin to become curious about using cosmetic products, whether it’s to fit in with the other girls their age, to experiment with various beauty aides, or just to feel pretty. Perhaps they’ve taken an interest in watching vlogs from beauty bloggers on the ever popular YouTube, subscribing to their channels and following all of the advice given to achieve a perfect look. As a parent, we don’t want our children to grow up too soon, nor do we want them to look older than they need to in a world filled with so much to be afraid of, and the fear that all the boys will come knocking. So, how do we allow them to wear age appropriate makeup without looking too done up? Lionesse has some helpful tips and advice in this article, detailing some of the best age appropriate looks for various ages in the teenage spectrum.

Mother and teen daughter applying makeup

13-14 Year Olds – Soft, Natural Look
Between the ages of 13 and 14 years old, girls can pull off a soft, natural look while beginning to incorporate cosmetic products into their routine – and moms and dads will be glad to know this requires only minimal product application. During this time frame, your precious daughter will go through many hormonal changes that will cause her to experience breakouts and varying skin tones from oily to dry. Perhaps allowing some yellow based concealer to mask the appearance of blemishes, coupled with a tinted moisturizer to apply underneath the concealer where it is applied, is the best way to go. Many tinted moisturizers contain SPF properties, which will not only moisturize the face, and add a small sheer pop of color to the skin, but they will also protect them from harmful UV rays every time they walk out the door. A nice natural toned lip gloss will give sheen to the lips without appearing dramatic.

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15-16 Year Olds – Look for Inspiration from Positive Role Models
By looking to the women who inspire teen girls in a positive light, such as singer Carrie Underwood, or even First Lady Michelle Obama, girls within this age bracket should be able to begin using more product for a still natural, classic look. Using a concealer to mask dark under eye circles for those late nights studying, coupled with a foundation, is a great place to start. The concealer should be yellow based in tone, to simply hide the dark circles or pigmented areas under the eyes. Girls in this age group also face a lot of stress factors in terms of school and peer relationships, and this may give them something to feel good about to boost their confidence. Lip gloss in various shades, or a light pink to medium pink lipstick, are great choices for teens of this age group. Brown eyeliner can be used on the lash line for special occasions, and a shimmery natural toned eyeshadow will give them something to feel glamorous and girly about without being overboard. Mascara can be applied to the lashes with mom and dad’s say so for special occasions – but it isn’t an essential.

Teenager with natural makeup and mascara.

17-18 Year Olds – Experimentation with Various Looks
By this point, your daughter has grown into a beautiful young woman and is almost through with her high school career, if they aren’t already. Chances are likely that she’s begun dating, and may even likely have a steady boyfriend. During this time, it’s perfectly acceptable to allow her to wear a full face of makeup – but she should keep it looking natural for a perfect casual day look. No teen girl needs to look like a glamour queen every time she leaves the house. Those looks should be reserved for important special occasions, such as her graduation ceremony or prom night. Allow her to use mascara at will, lipstick in girly, pretty tones, foundation or tinted moisturizer, blush products in pinks and corals, and bronzer to contour and add some color. Black eyeliner is now acceptable in moderation, as are smokey eye looks for special occasions. At this age, they should still steer clear of using dark colored lipsticks, yet when it comes to nail color, they can add any pop of color they like. Famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown said in an interview with Oprah regarding the use of wild colors for nails and teen girls, “Purple, black, blue—anything goes right now with nails.” She also states that teen girls of any age should avoid wild colors on the eyes, and keep it looking natural and beautiful to simply highlight and show off her natural beauty.

In addition, every teen girl should begin a good skin care regimen at the age of 13, where they cleanse the face twice per day – once in the morning, and once in the evening, and also utilize makeup removing wipes to clean away any products they have used throughout the day. Moisturizer is also important, and adding in a moisturizer that incorporates SPF properties is essential to protecting their skin while out and about.

Mother teaching her daughter how to apply lipstick.

Allowing the use of cosmetic products in moderation and also allowing her to implement more products over time will help her self-confidence, which in turn will reflect in her personal life. As our little girls grow up, we can still have a say in what they do and what they wear, but by being in their corner and showing them we love them and care, we can steer them onto the path to achieving success in life. It’s better to allow them the freedom to wear some products that are age appropriate than for them to become rebellious and do it out of their own accord in the end. Sometimes, being a parent forces us to choose our battles – and there are far greater things of concern as a parent than a few simple cosmetic products to be worried about.

We hope this article has been a helpful one, and here’s to good luck to you and your teenage daughter from all of us here at Lionesse.

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