Adding Sparkle To Your Eyes

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Sure, we’ve all heard the age old saying that “the eyes are the window to the soul,” but believe it or not, a person’s eyes are a window into their health, too. Think about it… have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and noticed how clear and sparkling they were, perhaps you may have chalked this all up to the person having pretty eyes. Although, chances are you’ve considered this same bright-eyed individual to be a happy and healthy person.

Now consider for a moment a time when you looked into someone’s eyes and noticed that they were bloodshot or even dull. In this instance, you may have insisted how tired they looked and that they should get some rest. However, dull and bloodshot eyes can be a sign, not only of fatigue, but a whole list of other concerns. For instance, tired-looking eyes can also be an indication of health problems such as nutritional deficiency, regular or excessive drinking, moderate to serious dehydration, nicotine addiction, and even liver problems. Bloodshot eyes can also be a signal that a person is spending too much time in front of TV and computer screens, or working long break-less hours.

Of course, no one actually wants dull eyes. It’s kind of one of those “life just happens” situations. However, the good thing about knowing what causes the eyes to look tired is that we are able to decipher how to make the eyes look bright again. Below you’ll find the top three things that you can do right now to add sparkle to your eyes.

Exercise Those Peepers
An active body is a healthy, good looking body, right? Well, the same thing can be said for active eyes. The following eye exercise will give your eyes a moment to relax, lessen eye strain and even improve blood circulation. To do this, simply squeeze your eyes closed as tight as you can, then open them extra wide. Continue opening and closing until your eyes begin to water. Not only will you notice a difference as you look ahead, but your eyes will also appear brighter.

woman with cucumbers on eyes

Hydrate From The Outside In
In addition to keeping your body hydrated by drinking water, it’s also important to keep your eyelids extra hydrated. When your eyelids are dry, they make your eyeballs appear dull, and can even cause iteration with every blink. Luckily, it’s easy to soothe and hydrate dull eyes with a pair of chilled cucumber slices. Cut two slices from the center of the cucumber that are about ½ to ½ inch in thickness. Then lay back and place the slices over closed eyes for about fifteen minutes or until the cucumber becomes warm. The cucumber’s high water content adds sparkle to tired eyes and even reduces under-eye puffiness.


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