80’s Makeup Trends: Modernized

The 80’s: either you love them, or you hate them. There really is no in between. When people think of 80’s fashion, hair, and makeup styles, they either reminisce of time gone by or cringe at the thought of the entire era. For those of you in love with 80’s makeup, we’ve got a serious treat for you today.

Lionesse thought it would be a fun idea to take the makeup looks from the days gone by and help you figure out how you can modernize it, so it would be appropriate for wear today. Yes, you can truly bring back the 80’s style and rock it in 2015. Sounds like a plan? We thought so! Read on for some helpful tips on achieving a modernized 80’s makeup look.

Beautiful woman with bold, bright eyeshadow.

Bold, Bright Eyeshadow
Bold, contrasting eyeshadow colors of the 80’s were a huge makeup trend and made a big statement. We see many highly pigmented looks in today’s beauty world that are reminiscent of that decade gone by. To create the look of the 80’s with a bold shadow, opt for a highly pigmented color palette in complementary colors, such as pink and purple, blue and green, gold and brown, and etc. Opt for more dimension by adding in an eyeliner pencil that contrasts against the two colors you’re opting for. Be sure to line the bottom lash line with the pencil, as well as the top eyelid, and blend out a bit. If you’d like to, you can take it all the way with colored faux lashes or colored mascara. Incorporating a geometric eye look can really set this look off and make it modern, yet extremely reminiscent of the 80’s.

Woman with bright cheeks holding a rose.

Blusher Galore
In the 80’s, bold, bright cheeks were the biggest color statement aside from eyes. Women would pile on the blusher – the more the better. Colors of preference during that time were bright pinks, deep coral, and red – and there was nothing subtle about it. The cheekbones would be contoured in such a way that there would be no blending to speak of like you would see in today’s beauty. To get the look of the 80’s while toning it down to a modern, socially-acceptable style, choose one of the above colors – minus the red blusher – and contour the cheeks slightly, blending out at the edges for a smooth look. You can also opt for a cream blusher, which applies nicely and stays put on the skin all day long without touch-ups. Also, be sure to include some blush on the apples of the cheeks as well – but try to keep the blusher to a minimum. We want to re-create the 80’s look in as pretty a way as possible, without looking like Bozo the Clown.

Woman with red lipstick and red nails

Bright Lips
Bright, bold lips were a huge hit in the 80’s. The glossier and bolder the lip, the better. Not much has changed in today’s beauty world, as women today still love the bright, bold lip look. To modernize on the 80’s lip trend, choose colors fitting for the season. Now that it’s summer, you will want to choose colors like deep pinks, purples, reds, and corals. You can also get the same look with a bold lip stain. Over the top of your lip color – whether you choose a matte or glossy color – you will want to apply a healthy dose of gloss. You can apply this all over your lips, or use the gloss in the center of the bottom lip to give your lips a fuller appearance.

The Mole Look from the eighties.

The Infamous Mole Look
What 80’s look would be complete without the Madonna mole? If you really want to go all out, creating your own mole with liquid liner is a breeze. Simply dot one onto your face – somewhere northwest to the upper lip – and dot on some brown eyeshadow over the ‘mole’ to soften the look a bit and help it to appear more natural. This addition to your look is optional, of course – but for those who are a fan, there you have it, and it’s a simple, easy way to add something extra to your look.

Woman with bold brows.

Bold Brows
Bold, natural eyebrows were iconic during the 80’s, as models and actresses such as Brooke Shields made them exceptionally popular. You don’t necessarily need to skip your next waxing appointment or stay away from the tweezers, just be sure to only get rid of strays and not so much focus on shaping your brows so much if you want to get this look.

Woman applying foundation

Heavy Foundation
Heavy foundation application was major in the 80’s, with women caking the product on their face so much you could see the product without having to try. During this time frame, women would generally opt for a foundation that was 2-3 shades lighter than their actual skin tone, and once their makeup was applied, they would then go over everything with a pressed powder. To get this look in a modern way, without annihilating your skin and appearing ‘fake’, you can opt for a liquid or mousse foundation and finish up with a dusting of translucent powder after all of your cosmetics have been applied. Don’t go heavy on the product – rather, keep it thin and simple as this will surely do the trick. Also – and this is major – be sure to stick with a foundation that matches your skin color, or only one shade darker – but never, ever lighter.

Always remember, when applying an 80’s look, it’s more about the color scheme and choosing bright, bold colors rather than how much of the product you actually apply. We want to look beautiful, not overdone and cakey. Be sure to remove your cosmetics each night before bed with a good makeup remover, and then follow up with a thorough double cleanse to rid your face and pores of the products used for the day. Lionesse hopes this article has been helpful and fun to read – and we would love it if you’d give this look a try the next time you’re standing in front of your mirror with makeup in hand.

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