How to Host an Ugly Sweater Party


Couple wearing holiday sweaters to an ugly sweater party

Ugly sweaters for the holidays have become somewhat of a cult classic. Every year, millions of people across the globe dig out the old, ugly sweaters grandmother knitted for them in high school, putting them on for laughs and taking pictures to share with friends. With it being such a fad, a great idea to incorporate into your Holiday party theme would be an ugly sweater party.


Lionesse thinks it’s a great idea to host an ugly sweater party, and would like to help you sort out the details with tips on how you can get ready to host one of your own!


Tell Your Friends

Tell all of your friends about your idea to host an ugly sweater party, and chances are you will be met with a positive response. Everyone always looks for a reason to poke fun of their unbecoming sweaters, and to have a reason to wear them for laugh’s sake.


Send out Invitations

Send out invitations for the big day. Depending upon how big you want to go, you can mail out paper invites as well as digital invites online. You can also utilize other forms of technology such as text message invites while also being kind to the earth, and the message may even be able to spread further than expected and reach many more invitees.


Plan fun Ugly Sweater Contests

Just because you think your ugly sweater is the most hideous of them all, doesn’t mean there isn’t one worse off than yours. Organize an ugly sweater contest at your party with various prizes and levels of ugliness. It will surely be the highlight of your party and will have people talking for a long time to come!


Take lots of Pictures

Be sure to take loads of pictures of everyone, perhaps in a group format with all of the sweaters in view, or hire a professional photographer to create individual cheesy sweater pictures with laser-esque backgrounds which resemble the 1980’s, complete with a cat to hold as a prop.


Host a Bonfire for Sweater Burning

To top off your party’s ending; host a bonfire to artistically destroy your ugly sweaters. Everyone will definitely get a kick out of it – and will also thoroughly enjoy tossing their sweaters into the abyss of the flames, never to be seen again.


It’s All in Fun

Using your creativity to think up fun games and ideas for your party’s activities is what this fun theme is all about. Different, festive, and fun, the Ugly Sweater Party is sure to get lots of laughs, build great memories, and put somewhat of a peaceful ending to the sweater, once and for all (especially when including a burning session at the end)!


Do you have an ugly sweater you would love to wear and destroy? Tell us your ugly sweater stories. We would love the opportunity to laugh along with you as you share your experiences with us in a comment below.

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