Wardrobe Makeover: Revamp Your Fashion Style

Woman looking through her closetIt’s Friday night, and you’re filing through the clothes in your closet, unhappily reviewing the selection at hand. Again, you pass through all of your clothes, unable find anything suitable to wear tonight. What do you do? Time for a fashion makeover!


Undertaking a fashion makeover isn’t difficult, and can make any girl smile. It can be a bit intimidating and daunting for those who aren’t very skilled on putting new outfits together, and who don’t know what the current trends are. In this case: the internet is your best friend.


There are so many websites dedicated to fashion. There are also store flyer inserts you can get in your Sunday newspaper or even pick up from the stores themselves which show pictures and give you a visual you can hold in your hand that give you a general idea of what to wear, and how to wear it. Sometimes, the styles that are in right now are not styles you could see yourself wearing, and that’s okay. Ultimately, you should never sacrifice what you are comfortable wearing for the fashion that is in right now. Find your own style, and create your own look. It’s as easy as identifying who you are and what your personality is like.


It can be so refreshing to update your wardrobe with some new articles. Jeans are a great piece to obtain for a quick update. Jeans can pretty much be worn with any type of shirt or accessory, and are extremely versatile. You can even modify them and make them your own by adding rips and tears, and bleach to give them a destroyed look – which is still raging!


Adding new accessories can be so much fun, and might be all you need to revamp your wardrobe for a quick fix. Costume jewelry is great because it’s inexpensive, and usually very trendy. You can use costume jewelry to draw a focal point to whatever area you wear it on, dressing up an old outfit to make it look new.


Going for a whole new look is something else entirely. If you are sick of being the outcast and want to fit in, a great place to start is through the methods mentioned above. Obtaining some sort of fashion sense will allow you to make all the right decisions when the time comes to pull out the plastic and make the charge.


Overall, creating a new look and revamping your wardrobe should be all about you, and your style. If it makes you happy, go for it. It’s not a good look (mentally or physically) to find yourself wearing something you just can’t stand for the sake of being a fashionista. It’s a no brainer: if you’re paying for it, love it. And if you don’t love it, don’t buy it. Simple!


Go ahead, revamp your wardrobe and create a look that’s all your own. Adding a friend to the mix and going half on clothes you can both trade out is also another great option. Just wear what you love, and have fun!

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