Treky Nail Art

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Nail art has come a long way over the past few years. Once accented French tips, dashing lines, and dainty flowers, nail technicians all around the world are constantly adapting nail art like never before. From tie dye nails and ombre  tips, to detail oriented tribal patterns and comic-book-like storylines, to bling, charms, and chains the possibilities of nail art today remain to be seen limitless.

As the science fiction genre makes a pop culture comeback, nail techs are getting requests for treky inspired, outer-space-like nail designs. Needless to say, they have yet to disappoint. The best part about the treky nail art trend: not only are the designs stunning, they are also beyond easy! So, if you find yourself super busy this summer, and can’t seem to get a night-owl timed manicure appointment have no fear! Bellow are two (very different) treky nail art looks with the necessary steps so you can achieve the look in no time!

Into the Galaxy Nail Art

Here’s what you’ll need: Your preferred base coat, glitter or a glittered top coat, nail polish in the following colors: black, white, light pink, yellow, and blue, a small makeup sponge (depending on the size of your makeup sponge, you may find that you can use different edges of one sponge, or that you need to use more than one so that your polish isn’t mixing), and a toothpick.

Here’s what you’ll do: Start by applying your base coat to polish-free, clean nails. Once dry, go ahead and apply a layer of black polish, depending on the brand you may need to apply an extra coat to be sure that the black color is solid. Let the black dry, and get ready to have some fun! Use a makeup sponge to blot on the white polish in a diagonal line across your nail. Use a new area of the sponge to apply pink polish in a few smaller areas around and on top of the white. You will do the same thing with the yellow and blue polish as you just did with the pink polish. Give the sponged on “galaxy” a few minutes to harden before using the toothpick to create three or four random white colored “meteors” around the galaxy you’ve just created. At this point, you will want to wait until everything is just about dry, that way you don’t smudge you galaxy when you apply the glitter top coat.

Space Princess Approved Nail Art

Here’s what you’ll need: Your preferred base/top coat, any two different metallic/ chrome nail polish colors, 6’’ of blue painter’s tape, scissors, a toothpick.

Here’s what you’ll do: For nail art that both Princess Leia (Star Wars) and Zenon (Girl of the 21st Century) would approve of, start by applying your base coat to polish-free, clean nails. Once the base coat has dried completely cut the painters tape into triangles, place the triangles on your nail so the top tip meets with the bottom of your natural white nail tip (the key here is to really press down and seal the tape). Next, one of the metallic-space-like polish colors you chose, paint your entire nail as if the tape wasn’t there, give the polish a few minutes to dry before removing the painters tape. Once your nails are tapeless, use the tooth pick to paint on a teeny-tiny triangle, with the critical of your nail being its base.  Take care that the two colored tips are parallel to one another. Wait for both polish colors to dry completely before applying a topcoat.

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