The Right Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes left to dry after washing.

Makeup brushes are one of the most essential parts of cosmetic application for women worldwide. Nearly all cosmetic products require some sort of a brush for application to make the product look flawless after application. Did you know that you are supposed to clean your makeup brushes? Do you know the proper way to get the clean, and take good care of them in the process? There are boatloads of bacteria and old cosmetic buildup sitting on your brushes, and you should be removing them at least once per week. Below, Lionesse gives you the rundown on how to take good care of your makeup brushes by proper cleaning methods, to prolong the life of your brushes and keep them in top shape.

Gather all of your brushes to be cleaned together. When you wash one brush, it’s a good idea to wash them all – that way, you know all of your brushes are clean and you won’t have to fight to remember what was cleaned and when. You will want to grab a bottle of baby shampoo, or gentle hand soap, or your favorite brush cleaning solution and have a sink and hand towel nearby.

Now it’s time for the fun part. Apply a quarter-sized dollop of your favorite method for brush cleaning into the palm of one of your hands, wet the brush bristles thoroughly with water up to the top of the bristles, and swirl the bristles into the cleansing solution you are using in small circles. You will begin to see color coming out of the bristles onto your hand; this is good, and means the color and bacteria built up on the brush is being removed. Rinse the bristles thoroughly and repeat the cleansing process; rinse once more. Be sure not to get water past the bristles to ensure none gets into the handle, causing the brush to erode and fall apart.

Wet makeup brushes drying on the windowsil.

After you have rinsed the brush thoroughly, you will want to gently squeeze the remaining water from the bristles and then form back into its original shape. Lay the brush on the hand towel to dry, and allow it to dry for approximately 24 hours for a thorough dry. You could also choose to allow the brush handle to rest on the towel, and let the bristles hang over the edge of a counter to get a more thorough dry in a quicker manner; whatever you desire.

Once the brushes have fully dried, you can then take a paper towel which has been made damp with water and a tiny drop of baby shampoo or other gentle cleanser, and clean the metal parts on the brush and handle if necessary, or wipe them down with a sanitizing wipe to kill bacteria. From there, fluff your bristles out by running them up and down on your hand. You are now ready to use your brushes, and will be amazed at how much better product application will be! You will also see a significant difference in the quality of your skin as far as acne is concerned due to there being no residual cosmetics or bacteria built up on the brush.

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