The (P)leather Jacket

Woman wearing a jacket

The Staple
For decades now, the leather jacket has made its way on the backs of many men and women. This jacket started with its bomber style as a heavy duty jacket for military men, in the early 1900’s. About twenty years later the biker silhouette was brought to life as a cooler rain jacket for motorcycle riders. It wasn’t until 1953 when the leather jacket got its big break when Marlon Brando wore his leather jacket in The Wild One. By then, a leather jacket was the most suitable choice for rock bands and their fans; In fact, the leather jacket became more-or-less of a timeless uniform for performers.Punk, grunge, and metalhead youngsters all showed their middle finger to society’s standards wearing their leather jackets.

Today, most of our leather jackets are pleather, but that has not changed their everlasting popularity. Whether your style icon is Kate Moss, the Olsen twins, or Demi Lovato, they all rock their (p)leather jackets. In fact, this once military uniform is now said to be the unofficial uniform of the modern-day cool-girl. Being that (p)leather jackets have stuck around for over a century now, it is safe to say that it has earned its title as a wardrobe staple.

Rock it!
Even if your dreams of being the lead singer of a famous rock band are long gone, there is absolutely no reason that you should be keeping your favorite (p)leather jacket shoved away in the back of your closet! Not to mention, one of the best things about (p)leather jackets is they are so versatile (no wonder they are a wardrobe staple)!

Do you need ideas of how sport your favorite (p)leather jacket? Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! Here are eight ways to look fab in your (p)leather jacket!

  • Layer up! Start with a solid colored tee, then throw on a plaid shirt. They trick here is to leave the plaid shirt unbuttoned, then put on your (p)leather jacket.
  • For the supermodel street style look, pair your (p)leather jacket with some famine cameo pattern skinny jeans. Take this look to the next level by wearing heels and a beanie.
  • For a fun, flirty look, rock your (p)leather jacket with a pair of brightly colored jeans and a white shirt.
  • Pull your favorite maxi dress out any time of year, and be sure to wear it with your (p)leather jacket in the colder months for a look that’s on fleck.
  • For a super fab look, try an all black getup, all the way from your (p)leather jacket to your heals.
  • Sense (p)leather jackets are a staple, you can totally sport them with all your favorite trends.To keep the look casual, wear leggings, a plain tee, some knee high boots, and your favorite infinity scarf. Oh! And your (p)leather jacket of course.
  • For a softer look, pair your (p)leather jacket with a light colored midi skirt or European waist dress.
  • If you want a more professional look for the office, wear your (p)leather jacket with a pencil skirt and a thin sweater.

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