The Pantyhose Revival

Stylish woman wearing a pantyhose

Yes Ladies, Pantyhose is Back
If anyone is to blame for the revival, it’s Kate Middleton who is almost never seen in public without them.

Pantyhose were a fundamental element of any polished woman’s outfit for the majority of the twentieth century. That said, those of Generation X and the Baby Boomers tossed their pantyhose in the garbage can, saying “goodbye” and “good riddance” to the sheer fabric that left them feeling uncomfortable for hours on end. Fast forward a few years and many Millennial women have never even bought or worn a pair, not to mention with the trend of casual office dress code, pantyhose is no longer a necessity.

Although pantyhose sales have dropped over the years, trends today prove that they are far from nonexistent. As a matter of fact, sheer hosiery had $482 million in sales in 2015. Yes, you read that correctly, $482 million! Not to mention that is a 9% sales increase from the year prior! Of the $482 million, 27% of sales were to women of the Millennial generation.

The Kate Effect
Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who is also a Millennial has sparked the prim, proper and preppy style that has (yet again) taken over the East Coast and many of the Southern states. Many news outlets and tabloids referred to her international trendsetting as the “Kate Effect.” When the Kate Effect first took place, sales jumped dramatically in the styles and brands she wore most. This meant, hold your breath, pantyhose. From that point on, the hosiery comeback was inevitable.

Woman wearing pantyhose

They’re for Everyone!
With pantyhose making its debut, yet again, one thing to cheer about is it is not a style that is “just for the younger gals.” In fact, not only is it for all ages, but for all styles too! Read on to find out how you can wear them to best compliment your favorite outfit.

  • For the self-conscious beauty: Although pantyhose was once the most revealing type of hosiery, and was known for cutting into the midsection, making the need for layers, well needed, this is not the case today. All it takes is one glance down the pantyhose aisle to see the new variety: thigh slimming, midsection forming, cellulite forgiving, the list goes on and on.
  • For the pretty prepster: Pull out your inner Gossip Girl, because pantyhose can be worn day or night! Weather wearing colorful hosiery to accent your new dress at the office, or wearing some extra sheer black pantyhose with your favorite cocktail dress, the compliments will keep flowing in.
  • For the glam grunge girls: Don’t think you have been left out of this trend! In fact, the grunge girls seem to pull off this style better than the rest. Why? Because when wearing hosiery in grunge fashion, holes, rips, and tears are perfect! Whether it’s with a pair of all black Converse sneakers, or some beat up military boots, black pantyhose has become a style staple today.

Final Thoughts
Whether you’re dressing for the office, or you’re taking a liking to the new soft-grunge trend, you should head down the hosiery aisle next time you get the chance. Take a peak, try something new(ish). The pantyhose revival might surprise you!

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