The Art of Eyeliner

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Chances are you’ve wound up here for one of two reasons, either A: you have finally gotten the hang of applying your eyeliner just right, and are ready to expand your options and learn new techniques; or B: you are like the majority of women out there, and find that you are still struggling to apply your eyeliner every morning, but you are finally to learn how to master the art of eyeliner. Whichever situation you find yourself in, you have come to the right place, as this article is dedicated to providing you with all the tips and tricks you need to finally apply makeup artist approved.

Before you even get started applying your eyeliner, you’re going to need to pick the color the best suits your eyes. To save you from the complicated guesswork in choosing the right color, we have made a super easy, self-explanatory list for you to follow bellow. Of course, these are just our suggestions as to what will make your eyes pop the most. That being said, if you feel most comfortable with classic black, that is totally fine too.

If Your Eye Color is… Brown
You should go with dark/ navy/ midnight blue colored eyeliner

If Your Eye Color is… Hazel
You should go with light brown, gold, or yellow/orange colored eyeliner

If Your Eye Color is… Green
You should go with plum/ purple colored eyeliner

If Your Eye Color is… Blue
You should go with emerald or evergreen colored eyeliner

If Your Eye Color is… Light Blue or Gray
You should go with a burgundy or red/brown colored eyeliner

Woman applying white eyeliner

In addition to the eyeliner pencil that will bring out your eye color the most, there are two other, quite similar colors, that you should always have stocked in your makeup bag, regardless of your eye color.

White Colored Eyeliner
When applied to the lower, inner lash line, aka waterline, will make your eyes appear bigger.

Cream or Nude Colored Eyeliner
When applied to the lower line does the job of making your eyes look less sleepy. P.s. nude eyeliner is perfect for hiding the fact that you and the girls stayed up way too late last night, and drink way to much wine.

Woman looking in the mirror

Okay, now that you’ve got your eyeliner color figured out, take a moment and think about your eye shape. Do you have almond eyes or hooded eyes? Are your eyes small or round? If you are unsure your best bet is to look up a few different images of each eye shape to give you a better idea. Once you’re ready, use this list bellow which explains the best way for you to apply eyeliner according to your eye shape.

Small Eyes
You can create the illusion of larger eyes by first lining your upper and lower waterline with nude colored eyeliner. Then, with the eyeliner which best brings out your eye color, apply your liner in a smaller cat eye fashion.

Large or Round Eyes
If you feel that your eyes are too big (lucky you!) you can start be lining the upper and lower waterline with whichever color eyeliner you’ve chosen. Then, with that same color line the upper lash line in cat eye fashion, taking care to make the line slightly longer than usual.

Almond Eyes
First, line the entire upper water line, and then only ½ to ¾ of the lower waterline. Then, with that same color eyeliner, line the top lash line with a line that gradually gets thicker as it reaches the outer corner of your eye.

Hooded Eyes
To really define your eyes, line the bottom waterline with nude eyeliner, and the top waterline with the main eyeliner color you selected. Once you’ve lined your waterlines, line your top lash line in a bold, winged fashion.

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