Josephine Baker’s Dark Lip & Smokey Eye

“I’m not intimidated by anyone, Baker remarked once. “Everyone is made with two arms, two legs, a stomach, and a head. Just think about that.”–Josephine Baker Of course, among the many aspects that intrigued the world from the lovely Josephine Baker, a prominent memory was her “banana dance,” where she brandished a skirt consisting of […]

Glitter & Gold Smoky Eyes

The eyes have always been known as the windows to the soul, and the way any window is framed has the most significant impact on the beauty of that window, as every decent architect and builder knows. The exact manner in which you frame your eyes with makeup effects can create a myriad of effects […]

Smokey Eye Do’s and Dont’s

Creating a smoky eye is one of the most gorgeous looks you can create when it comes to your makeup. Smokey eyed makeup looks great for any occasion, and there are many variations of the look not simply partial to black and grey. You can use browns, tans, creams colors and more. Lionesse has put […]