Summer Nail Art Ideas

Summertime is right around the corner, and with it brings fun days at the beach, pool parties, barbecues with friends and family, and adorable summer fashion. If you’re as excited as we are at Lionesse, we’re willing to bet you’re pretty stoked! With that, we would like to introduce you to some of the cutest summer nail art ideas that you can do at home, or head to your favorite salon for.

Woman with neon colored nails.

Neon Colored Nails
Neon colored nails are always a summer hit. Colors like hot pink, neon green, electric blue and highlighter yellow and orange are fabulous for summer – and make your skin look a lot tanner, too! Paint each nail a different neon color, or choose to paint one nail on each hand differently from the rest.

Palm Tree Designs
Painting cute palm trees on your nails is a fun way to feel beachy all summer long. No matter where you live, this is a great way to have the tropics at your fingertips. 

Tropical Design
Painting different nails on each hand something tropical, such as Hibiscus flowers, or pineapples, or coconut trees, or banana trees, is a fun way to get summer nails in a flash. Tropical designs are a lot of fun to paint and are pretty easy – making this great for beginners!

Ombre Nail Design in Beachy Colors
Ombre nail art is obviously huge, so – why not create a fun ombre beach design using beachy colors? Try colors like sandy yellow and blue, or sunset colors like orange and hot pink, or teal and cream. Whatever you do, be sure you use two contrasting colors – it makes it much more fun.

Boho Nail Art
Boho nail art is fun to do, and requires lots of ambient designs, dots, and lines. There are many tutorials and pictures to look at for inspiration which you can find through a simple internet search. Any nail artist will also be able to give you the look. Give it a try – it’s super in and super summery. 

Sunset Design
Painting a sunset design on one or all nails is a fun way to celebrate summer. You could do sort of a panoramic scene across all of your nails, or focus on one nail while painting the rest a corresponding color. Get creative! 

Keep It Simple

This last tip comes from Angela whose a professional nail technician, if you’re interested in becoming a nail technician click here. If you just don’t have the time to sit and indulge in painting your nails for an hour or more, you can always choose to keep it simple. Opt for one solid color, or you could even go in with a clear coat and paint each nail that way.  

White Nails to Accentuate Tan
White nails are always a summer go-to when you’re pressed for time. They look chic, and also make your hands and toes look tan. You can choose different shades of white, or even a super light pink-white color. Mix a drop of your favorite polish with some white to create a tinted white hue that you will adore.

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