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Read My Lips: These are the Red’s You Can’t live Without!

Collage of red lip shades

Since the dawn of time, and for the rest of time, there never has been, there certainly is not and there never will be a more suitable, universal color for lips than red. Now, when anyone thinks of red, they probably each envisions a particular shade, value, tone and color. There’s cherry red, burgundy red, apple red, and don’t even get started on the infinite number of names that red nail polishes have been given–lest you never come to an end.

A Looming Costly Choice
You could technically say that all lipsticks are actually one form of red or another. Finding the right shade (of red) can be intensely difficult, and would be a whole lot easier if cosmetics manufacturers would be so kind as to release mini-samples of all their shades. We could then more affordably determine our best lipstick colors. Ask any woman, and she’ll flatly tell you that “what looks good on one woman may look painfully hideous on her best friend.” Not only is finding the right red difficult, it’s intensely personal.

Lipstick and Modern Color Classifications
Lipstick colors tend to be classified by the following categories, within which fall any number of gradations, almost being unlimited:

  • Pinks, Peaches and Apricots: The most noticeable on the lipstick spectrum, these are bright, light and are generally associated with shades belonging to the younger lipstick-wearing crowd, although this is incorrect. These ultra-feminine flowery colors are now being recommended for shades that offer the subject of professional photographs a more youthful appearance. As in–menopausal gain–got it? And they’re all ideal for the beginning colors for any young lady/woman/rebel.
  • Oranges and Corals: Orange has woven in and out of style ever since its bold following during the 60s, and the most recently colored lips spotted on the NYC runways certainly felt no urge to withhold the orange. A striking way to honor the feminine spirit, with an influence of modernism we love. Coral colors offer everything beneficial about orange, on an entirely “back door” level. They don’t exactly appear to be orange, yet they ARE. Anyone whose somewhat cooler complexions benefit from coral has a beautifying friend for life. Coral-influenced pinks are something everyone loves, wearable or not.
  • Neutrals and Nudes: These bad boys ROCK the world of lipstick, and there can never be enough said in their favor. They went generally unrecognized until the late 1990s, when they were powerful enough to dispel altogether the antiquated beliefs about just how far away lipstick could advance from conventional reds and still be accepted as neutral or nude options.
  • Roses, Berries and Magentas: This is where you’ll find the most dramatic colors. Surely sophisticated, it is unlikely that you’ll encounter a lip color from this group on a shy woman. These colors are some of the most popular colors for today’s modern stains. Great choice for medium to dark skin tones.
  • Mauves, Browns and Plums: These could almost fall within a range of neutrals for certain skin colors, and they convey an avant-garde sort of expression for all ages. Wonderful, when defined in retro-inspired bow-lipped shapes and more.
  • Others: We are talking RED here, OK? Everything else is NOT red.
  • Drum Roll, please?: Red. Never before have women had such a vast range of reds from which to choose. While the perfect red rests solely on the skin tones surrounding the lips, there is a special Valentine’s Day red that must always be a critical component of every woman’s cosmetics collection. The rest are earthenware colors like brick tones and darkened red lips resembling the way they were portrayed in the old halcyon days.
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