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It seems being fit is in now more than ever before, not that it’s a bad thing by any means. However, it means that more and more people are finding the time to use their gym memberships, show up to pilates classes, and go for a jog in the park. While some women may love the social interaction this allows, it can’t be said for all women.

When facing colleges, friends, and even family, women of all ages prefer to minimize their insecurities with makeup. We could go on and on about how women should feel more comfortable in the skin they’re in and say something about how gym-goers should focus on their workout, not their looks, but cmon. We understand that wearing makeup while working out is done on the regular. Studies have shown that those who feel better about themselves perform better; if makeup gives you the confidence to pound through your last mile on the treadmill, then we’re all about it. Of course, not all makeup is made equally, so if you’re going bat your eyelashes at the cutie two machines down while breaking a sweat, we have a few suggestions.

Don’t Breakout
The first word that comes to mind when “workout” and “makeup” in are used the same sentence is “breakout,” and for good reason. Through the trials and tribulations of women getting dolled up for aerobics classes over the years, we have found out that sweat and makeup aren’t always the best mix. According to dermatologists, when sweat and cosmetics mix they form an icky combination that can clog your pores. When this happens more impurities, such as oils from the makeup and salts from sweat, get forced back into the pores where acne-causing bacteria absorbs the gunk and multiplies. This can lead to breakouts and even an itchy, acne-like heat rash.

The good news is these nasty workout breakouts can now be a thing of the past. With beauty companies revolutionizing the way makeup is makeup is made and the ingredients that go into it, there is now a solid selection of products that can be used when you’re heading to the gym. Keep in mind, you won’t have a full face of makeup on, but you will have enough to make you feel good about yourself while you better yourself.

Workout Makeup
Even if your skin isn’t oily, you should start with an oil-free tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream as your base. You’ll want to make sure that the product you chose is high-quality and has a good reputation, as some companies use oil-like ingredients and get away with calling the product oil free. Don’t stress and read every last ingredient, but do a quick Google search and find out what others have to say about the oil-free product you’re using. If you need extra coverage, you can apply a lightweight bronzer on your cheeks or use a mineral powder concealer to spot correct. Now, one of the great things about water-proof makeup is that it’s also sweat proof, which means it won’t drip down your face during a workout. With that said, find yourself a high-quality waterproof mascara that will stay put. If your pout needs some help, use a tinted lip balm, not only will it give your lips the color you’re looking for, but you can reapply it the instant your lips get chapped.

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