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The ombre look took us all by storm a few years ago, when celebrities such as Jessica Alba graced magazine covers and the internet with their gradated colors fading from dark to lighter and drawing us all in. Nearly all women loved the look. From there, the ombre effect made its way into the fashion world, with ombre maxi dresses, shirts, and even shorts making huge waves. From there, the ombre nail trend began – and now, the next biggest thing is the ombre lip trend.

Ombre lips are a fashionable variation to the typical lipstick look worn by women on a daily basis. This takes lip color to a whole new level – and is picture perfect for the summer months. Below, Lionesse would like to show you how easy it is to get the look – and appear absolutely flawless in the process. We give you the run down and how-to on how to achieve the look perfectly.

To get the look, you will need the following items:

  • Lip exfoliator
  • Lip conditioner
  • Lip liner close to your own lip color
  • Two lip colors that contrast, such as bold red and bright pink

Here’s how you can get the perfect ombre lip:

Woman exfoliating her lips with a toothbrush.

Step 1: Exfoliate Your Lips
Lip exfoliation is an important step to achieving perfect lip color, but not many women take the time out of their day to actually partake in this essential step. Lip exfoliation literally takes under a minute, and is painless and easy. It leaves your lips feeling baby soft and allows the products you use to glide over your lips, giving a flawless finish. It also helps your products to appear bolder and adhere to the skin properly.

Woman applying conditioner on her lips.

Step 2: Condition your Lips
Applying a lip conditioner can be likened to applying lip balm or even conditioner for your hair to your strands. The conditioner will infuse your lips with moisture, sealing in hydration and softness and providing your lips the perfect base for product application.

Woman using a lip liner.

Step 3: Apply a Lip Liner
Using a lip lining product which is very similar in color to your natural lip color is important to achieving a plumper, fuller lip. Not only that, but it provides a base for the lip color to adhere to. Line the outer lips with the natural-toned lip color, and if you have thin lips, you can bring the lip liner just outside the lips themselves, being sure not to take the color too far. For added measure, you can also fill your lips in with the lip liner to provide an even base for the color to adhere to.

Woman applying lip color.

Step 4: Apply Lip Color
Applying your lip color is fairly simple and easy to do. You will want to apply the bolder color to the top lip as you would with a regular lipstick, by running your lip shade across the top lip. Be sure to color inside the lines!

The bottom lip is where the ombre look will come in. You can apply a small amount of the darker hue to the outer corners of the lips, and using a lipstick brush or your fingertip, drag the color inwards towards the middle of the lip slightly so it will have a blended look. You should have an obvious space with no color on the center of the bottom lip. From there, you will apply your lighter shade in a generous amount to be dragged to the outer corners of the lips. Taking your lip brush, pull the color towards the outer edges of the bottom lip, ensuring not to run over the darker color but to blend it into the darker hue a bit. Once finished, you can apply a gloss over the lip color, or leave it as is for a matte look.

That’s all there is to achieving the ombre lip effect. Simple, easy, and fun – this new spin on lip color is a hit in the beauty world, and we hope you will give it a shot. Experiment with different colors, and let us know what you think!

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