Monochromatic Makeup Two Ways

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Makeup trends, as any other trend, have the tendency to come and go. And as far as matching makeup trends are concerned, well they’ve been around the block a time or two. Perhaps you remember the trend of matching your lips and tips (painting your nails to match your lipstick). Another popular matching makeup trend involved matching the color of your eyeshadow to the color of your clothes. Well, there’s a new matching makeup trend in town: monochromatic makeup.

As the name suggests, the idea is to keep the makeup on your lips, cheeks, and/or eyes all within one shade of the same color. The idea sounds strange at first, but once you see celebs like Kylie Kardashian, Josie Canseco, and Rihanna rocking the look you’ll totally want to give it a try for yourself. We know you’ll love it because – although it might seem tricky – it’s one of the easiest trends to pull off!

There are two different ways that you can rock the monochromatic makeup trend, and the same rules typically apply to each; The first way to wear the monochromatic makeup trend is by matching your eyes and lips, this is also the most popular way to wear the trend. Another way us to sync up the colors of your lips and cheeks. If you’re not sure where to start, the first thing you can do is gather all your makeup together in one space, your lip color and eyeshadow pallets, along with your blush and bronzers. Now group together similarly shaded colors; if you’re trying the trend for the first time, it’s easiest to pair shades of red, pink, brown, or beige.


Many makeup artists favor the monochromatic makeup look when it’s worn on the eyes and lip, as this tends to be the easiest way to achieve a look that is enjoyable to look at. To maintain the most fluid look, try using colors with the same undertone that are only shade or two different (darker or lighter) from each other. Keep in mind that the slight variation between the eye and lip color is important – going with two extra bold colors might be more of a statement than you’re looking for. One way to go about this might be with a salmon colored eye and a pale peach colored lip.

Believe it or not, women have been wearing the similar colors on their lips and cheeks for years now (just think of your go-to lip and cheek rouge). With that in mind, the very same color and shade can be worn on both the lips and cheeks without making too much of a statement. In fact, many women use cream based lip colors to pull off this very look – all your need to do is swipe the smooth pigment onto the apple of your cheeks, use your fingers to blend the color, then apply to the lips. If you want to apply two different shades that’s okay too! When doing so, keep in mind that the trend looks it’s best when the cheeks are brighter than the lip.

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