Makeup Tips For The Fall Bride

Fall bride

The makeup and beauty trends making marks this fall are all about dramatic eyes and bold lips and It just so happens that these glam trends make for perfect bridal beauty. If you’re tying the knot this season, it’s likely that your schedule has been filled with dress fittings and cake tastings leaving you little time to think about how you’ll wear your makeup on your big day. Perhaps the thought hadn’t even trailed across your mind until now. Since we know just how crazy life gets as the big day gets closer, we’ve consulted with beauty experts to provide you with makeup tips for this fall’s bridal season.

Show your skin how much you care
Throughout the wedding planning process, women often slack on their self-care. Whether it’s due to stress or sheer lack of time, many women experience extra dry skin during the days prior to their wedding. With the season making a cooler transition, it’s important to lather up your face, neck, and chest with a high-quality moisturizer, if you have time for your whole body, lotion up every inch! Keeping your skin moisturized will insure that your makeup goes on smooth and stays on longer. Not only that, but it’s highly doubtful that any bride wants to look at wedding pictures in disappointment with the dryness of her skin.

Pucker up with lavish lips
There are so many lip trends this fall, it’s almost hard to keep track! However, we’re sure you’ve spent enough days contemplating over too many choices, which is why we’re going to tell you about our two favorites! The gloss is back, ladies! And what better way to celebrate the sheer and shiny lip trend then to gloss up for the big day? On the contrary, a matte lip is still very much in. Depending on your wedding colors (because you don’t want a bold lip to clash with your flower arrangement) a deep champagne or dark peach makes for perfect fall lip colors.

bride having makeup applied

For the love of your lashes
One of the hottest makeup trends, seen both on and off the runway, this fall is doll lashes. Not only does this make your lashes look longer and fuller, but it also creates the illusion of wider and brighter eyes. Although there are a few different methods to crafting the look, the best way to wear doll lashes on your wedding day is by applying, or having a cosmetologist apply, a strip style faux lash. When deciding which pair of lashes to get, go with ones that are thicker and are of medium length. 

Fall in love with yourself
Alas, the most classic wedding day style for any season is the natural look. In a day about deep and devoted love, it can seem silly to focus on something so trivial as a makeup trend. Of course, you want to feel beautiful in your skin while you make your way down the aisle, which is why we’re not against wearing makeup for the natural look; use a long lasting BB or CC cream that matches your skin as best as possible and dust the apples of your cheeks with a modest blush.

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