Makeup Tips for an Interview

Stylist applying makeup

Whether you’ve just graduated and are in search of your first “real” job, or you’re switching careers chances are you’ve put endless amounts of tender love and care into your Linked In profile, cover letters, and resume ensuring that they were perfect. Since you look great on paper, you should hold up (maybe even exceed) expectations by arriving for an interview looking appropriate and polished. Granted, it’s easier said than done, especially when you realize that all your dress-y outfits are dancing and not so much for data entry and your favorite flirtatious makeup look may not be the best look for finance meetings.

Let’s be honest, of all things, the outfit you wear to an in-person interview probably holds the most impact on the impression you make and the opinions to be made about you. Don’t dim your chances of being hired by wearing a dress that might be appropriate. Take a few hours to go to the store and find professional clothes that make you look polished and feel confident.

Once you’ve got your interview attire figured out, you’re going to need to finish your look with proper hair and makeup. As long as you’re not rocking the I-just-woke-up-like-this hairdo that is all the rage right now, you should be fine. Do your hair as you normally would for a casual date night, or family event. Finally, when applying your makeup for an interview, remember what your mother always told you: less is more. Your potential manager won’t notice that you’ve applied your Katy Perry falsies and chances are they might even be offended if you use your YSL pallet for a dark smoky eye, as it could show that you care more about your looks than the work they need you to perform. Not sure how to apply your makeup? Read on for the best makeup tips that will help your rock your interview, and (fingers crossed) help you land the job!

  1. Per usual, start with a freshly cleaned face that has been moisturized. If you find that your skin is a bit dry from all the pre-interview stress, you can use a gentle exfoliator a day or two before your interview to ensure that your skin is smooth and makeup ready come interview day.
  2. Like always, use apply your go-to primer so your interview look lasts the day. An interview can last anywhere from thirty minutes two hours (sometimes more) depending on the interview structure, management, and other factors. Using a quality primer will leave you prepared for the day ahead.
  3. Use a high-quality foundation to even out you skin tone. You want to make sure that the color matches, and even disappears into your natural skin color.
  4. Even if you skip concealer on the regular, don’t do so today. Use that magic makeup to hide dark, tired eyes, and cover any annoying pimples if you need to.
  5. If you don’t typically apply blush or bronzer than there is no need on your interview day; it is not the day to experiment. On the contrary, if you use blush or bronzer on the regular and feel confident in your ability to apply it to give a natural look, then you should do so.
  6. While long lashes and dark liner are fun, chances are more than likely that they are inappropriate for interview makeup. For appropriate interview eye makeup, use a natural, nude color on your lids, with a touch of shimmer on the crease. Using your go-to eyeliner, apply a fine line to your upper lash line, and follow up by applying just a coat or two of mascara.

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