How to Do Your Own Prom Makeup

Friends posing for a photograph in their prom dresses.

Prom time means time to look your absolute best. You have your dress picked out, the perfect pair of shoes, and the best clutch to go along with it. All of the accessories are in order, and you’re dying to slip into that dress and look stunning. You haven’t figured out yet whether or not you are going to head to your local beauty salon for your makeup, or if you are going to give it a try yourself. If you are leaning more towards doing your own prom makeup, Lionesse brings you a helpful guide that helps you learn how to complete the look yourself.

Beautiful young woman looks into the mirror.

Find a Makeup Style that Suits You
Finding a makeup style that suits you is probably the most important aspect of cosmetic application. Once you have that part narrowed down, you can then begin the next phase which is research.

Woman consulting a professional stylist on the best makeup look.

Research Makeup Tutorials
There are so many makeup videos online to help you learn how to apply products in the style you want, and there is no better place to look than YouTube. So many beauty bloggers post up videos on how to get specific looks, and they detail the colors, shades, styles of application, what you need to apply the makeup as far as tools, and show you how it’s done. There are also many written tutorials available online as well, so use the internet to your advantage to get the look you are going for.

Trendy teenager applying makeup.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practicing any makeup look you want will help you to achieve the look, look your absolute best, and allow you to change the style up and modify it to your own specifications. You can sit in front of your mirror, spend time working on the style, and experiment with different colors and styles. The look you create is an art form, and it’s all up to you.

When practicing your look, be sure to only work on one area at a time and stay focused. Designate a specific amount of time to working on your eyes, then cheeks, lips, and et cetera until you are finally comfortable with your skill. Over time, you will only get better.

Woman with false eyelashes.

Add Some Falsies
False lashes can help to make everything feel prettier, and by learning the application methods of false lashes – again by practicing – you will bump your look up a notch. You can give your eye makeup a completely new look and look more glamorous – even for just one night. False lashes come in many different types, such as synthetic, human hair, and mink, but a good place to start for practice purposes is to opt for some cheap ones until you get good at applying them. A good pair of false lashes will last for a long time with proper care.

Lionesse believes every girl deserves to look like a princess on her prom night, and that’s why we put this helpful tip guide together to help show you how to get the look you want. We hope your prom night is everything you want it to be, and more!

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