Happy Halloween from Lionesse

Pumpkin and Halloween decor on stoopHalloween is upon us, and we at Lionesse would love to wish you and your families a Happy Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun time of year. It is the one day out of 365 where we can dress and act like someone we are not. It’s seemingly the only day out of the year where people are, for the most part, typically non-judgmental about things like hair color, clothing, and showing a little skin. It’s also the only day out of the year where you don’t have to feel embarrassed or bad about over indulging in the leftover Halloween candy, and can watch Halloween movies on the couch with candy in tow and scare yourself silly. Brilliant!


The History of Halloween

Halloween, originally known as All Hallows Eve, or Samhain (pronounced as Sah-win) is celebrated on October 31st every year around the world. Halloween got its beginning in Ireland, where at Celtic festivals – also known as Samhain – people would celebrate the ending of the harvest season. This is typically when the people of each village would stock up on food to last through the long, cold winter months. People during that time believed October 31st was the day in which spirits, both evil and good, would resurrect from their graves and steal crops and cause immeasurable sickness. At these festivals, there would be a lot of bonfires. People would dress in costumes to confuse the spirits and sometimes, to please them.

It has become commonplace for children to knock on doors every Halloween, while adorned in costumes of their particular liking, asking the question, “Trick or treat?” If no treats are given, sometimes tricks are played on the unsuspecting door-answerers, which can to some be funny, and others stressful. Children await this day all year, and are usually hopped up on more sugar on that one night than any other day of the year.


Fun Things to do on Halloween

Some of the fun things you can do with your family, children, friends, or significant other on Halloween are:

  • Make a bonfire or campfire in the backyard. Tell scary ghost stories as you roast marshmallows, and drink hot chocolate.
  • Watch a Halloween movie. There are many great Halloween movies to choose from (but none as great as ‘Hocus Pocus’ or ‘Halloween’!)
  • Make candy apples or caramel apples
  • Have a Halloween sleepover with your friends, or your kids friends
  • Make some Halloween crafts
  • Bake some Halloween themed cookies and decorate accordingly
  • Take a walk through a graveyard at night to give yourself a terrible fright!
  • Attend a Halloween party and dress up like something completely different than the normal ‘you’


There are so many things you can do on Halloween to have a good time and celebrate the day. Have a blast, and tell Lionesse about your Halloween plans below!


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