Earth Toned Taurus Makeup Tutorial

The Taurus woman is all about looking her absolute best, showcasing her gorgeous eyes and beautiful pout. Lionesse is here today with an earth toned neutral makeup look showcasing just how gorgeous neutral, earth toned shades can look on a Taurus girl.

Today, we have beauty blogger Sarah McCormick here with us, giving all of our readers a DIY tutorial with pictures to showcase how simple it can be to get and create your very own Taurus makeup look. She will be focusing on the eyes, and keeping the remainder of her face fairly neutral as is the best look for a Taurus female. So, without further ado, we hand this over to Sarah.

Earth Toned Taurus Look
Hello everyone! Today, I will be showing you just how simple it can be to create your own Taurus look, and all you will need are the following items:

Products used for the Earth Toned Look.

  • Lionesse Shimmer Powder in SH-38
  • Lionesse Shimmer Powder in SH-20
  • Coffee Brown Eye Shadow (I used Wet n’ Wild’s Color Icon ‘I’m Getting Burned’ Brown hue)
  • Lionesse Mascara

Lionesse Gel Liner

  • Lionesse Gel Eyeliner
  • Three brushes – one for gel liner application, one for blending and application, and one for smudging

To get the look, which only takes about 5 minutes or less, here’s what you need to do:

Prime the eyelids or use a foundation.

Step 1 – Start with a fresh, clean face. Prime the eyelids with a good eyelid primer, or use your favorite foundation.

Apply Lionesse SH-38 to the entire eyelid, blending upwards.

Step 2 – Take your Blending/Shadow application brush, and apply the SH-38 shade to the entire eyelid, blending upwards.

Step 3 – On top of the green hue, tap on some of the SH-20 gold color and blend well.

Step 4 – In the crease of the eye, at about the midway point, apply the coffee brown hue and blend outwards and away from the eye. Go easy on the color, as you don’t want to overdo it.

Apply the brown shadow to the lashline with a smudging brush.

Step 5 – Taking your smudging brush, apply the brown shadow to the lashline as you would with an eyeliner, and repeat across the bottom lashes, blending out a bit to give it a smokey look.

Step 6 – Taking the gel liner, apply a thin line across the lash line, and drag it outwards and upwards to achieve an almost cat eye look.

Apply a coat of mascara

Step 7 – Apply a coat of mascara, and repeat on the other eye. Apply one more coat to both eyes. Don’t forget to apply to the bottom lashes as well.

Step 8 – For the remainder of the face, you will want to keep things very neutral and natural looking. Apply a thin foundation all over the face, a light dusting of a natural pink or peach shade blush, and blend well.

Keep things neutral for the remainder of the face.

Step 9 – Apply a neutral colored lip gloss or lip stick, such as a nude shade or sand shade, and give your face a dusting of translucent powder to set your look for the day.

Voila! Your look is complete, and finished. You will look natural, with all of the eye popping attention you could want in all of the right places. Eyes and lips are very important for the Taurus girl, so be sure to showcase what you’ve got in a very natural way.

Earth Toned Taurus Look by Sarah McCormick

I hope you have enjoyed my makeup tutorial for the earth-toned look for Taurus women. I look forward to guest blogging in coming weeks with Lionesse!

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