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There are so many different disco looks from the 70’s to love. Many women remember the time of sequin covered floors, fringe bags, tight leather pants, and platform shoes. Lionesse, in the spirit of all things 70’s, would like to take a few minutes to talk about the style and fashion from the 70’s – including pictures as visuals – and help some of you reminisce. For the younger generation who wasn’t privvied to the wonderful world of disco dancing, well, you can enjoy the photos – and maybe even try some of these looks out yourselves!

Black Leather Pants
What would a disco be without high waisted disco pants? These pants made a fantastic addition to all things disco, and went with just about any shoe, top, and bag. They were a staple in nearly every party girl’s closet – and you closet disco queens out there (you know who you are!) know you all owned a pair, too.  After all – you loved the way they hugged all the curves in all the right places!


Disco Outfit 70's

Fringe Purses
Fringe was – and still is – a highly regarded staple item in most women’s closets. Fringe purses were a must have when heading out to the disco back in the day – and now that the look is here and seems as if it’s here to stay for quite a while to come, now would be the time if you don’t already own some to invest a bit and grab up your new favorite fringe bag. Whether its black, white, or suede, one thing’s for sure – you can’t go wrong with fringe.

Platform Sandals and Shoes
Platform sandals, otherwise known as disco shoes, and shoes were seen everywhere in the 70’s – from fashion models, to disco, to your favorite magazines and beyond. We saw them in varied shoe styles, from sandals, to stilettos, to knee high boots, and beyond. The most memorable style of disco shoes, in our opinion, were the platform heels donning real, live gold fish in the heel! We can thank Seventeen magazine for the increasing popularity in the late 60’s to early 70’s, although – check this out – platform shoes were actually developed in the 1930’s for actress Marlene Deitrich. There is even ancient history to show they went as far back as Ancient Greece. Now, that is far out!

Sequin Tops
Sequin tops were an absolute must have for every woman back in the 70’s disco era. The way the light reflected off those lovely little sequins was incomparable. Available in almost every color and size, sequins were quite the hit. This trend carried over to the 80’s, where sequin studded tops with shoulder pads became the new fad. Many sequin tops in the 70’s were seen in the halter top, and the drape style.

70's Jumpsuits

Disco Jumpsuits
If you had nothing else to wear, and you wanted to look like the baddest chick in town, you would always opt for your favorite jumpsuit on a Friday night. Jump suits came in a wide variety of colors and styles, although black, red,  gold, and silver seemed to be favorites for this time period. Today, jumpsuits can be seen on the runway, in your favorite stores, and hanging in many a women’s closet just itching for the chance to be worn.

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    I personally do not use much make up but color and quality is so important!!! And experimenting is fun!!! Every color can look great on every woman if used correctly!!!

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