Cream, Mousse, or Liquid

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Thanks to new technology the beauty industry has flourished. Just one example of how such advancements is can be seen in the industry is by the looking at the foundation on the market today: Imagine asking a friend to pick up a new foundation for you on their way over because you ran out and want to look your best for the gathering you’re headed to. Years ago, the friend might need a reminder of the color that you use, but they would be able to successfully replenish your product with minimal information needed. Today, you would have to tell her the specific line you use from which brand, which shade suits you best, the foundation medium (cream, moose, or liquid), and which coverage you prefer (regular or matte).

The point being made here is that cosmetic manufacturers are using beauty related technology to offer hundreds of variations of foundations in hopes of suiting every shopper’s skin tone and type. While we wouldn’t want it any other way, it can get quite confusing with all these different options! If you’ve ever found yourself shopping for foundation, overwhelmed by the choices and unsure of what do to, this article should suffice all your questions so that your foundation can cover all of your concerns.

Cream Foundation
Cream foundations are ideal for those who prefer different coverage levels on different days, the reason being that they are usually the most buildable foundations. This means that you can apply the foundation to a medium coverage when you’re getting ready for a lazy day, and you can build the foundation to a full coverage on date night. Those who have normal to dry skin would benefit most from cream foundation since many cream foundation lines offer the product with added moisturizing ingredients. Another reason individuals with dry skin would benefit from this type of foundation is because of its radiant finish; often times dry skin is accompanied by a dull and drab appearance, cream foundation works wonders on dry skin since it sets with a luminous finish.

Mousse Foundation
Contrary to popular belief, mousse foundations are the best option for women with combination to oily skin types. Although the word “mousse” seems to be overly associated with “moisture” these days, it is actually more of a mattifying finish. It’s important to understand what mousses are typically created by whipping a product so that it is filled with dry air pockets. These air pockets give mousse its fluffy appearance and soft feel, but they do not give it the ability to moisturize. While they go on soft and smooth, they almost always set to a powder-looking matte finish. In fact, many women elect not to use a finishing powder after applying mousse foundation.

Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundations are the most common, namely because they are the most universal. They usually provide a buildable coverage which ranges from sheer to medium, and can be worn on combination, normal, and dry skin types. However, those who have oily skin should opt for another type of foundation. Liquid foundations are can be found fortified with everything from anti-aging ingredients to acne healing ingredients. It only takes a few moments to set to a dewy and natural looking finish. However, because of its constancy, it is highly recommended to start with a primer and lock the coverage in with finishing powder.

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