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I’m a country girl, I grew up strong.
Learned how to fight back and how to get along.
~ Author Unknown

There are undeniable differences between country girls and city girls; it has been this way for decades! As we as a nation continue to advance and expand, many sweet tea sippin’ gals find themselves saying that “I’m a country girl at heart, I was just accidentally born in the city.” To all the country girls out there: we city girls are happy to have you around. Over the years, country girls have taught city girls a few lessons, and vice versa! Had the admirable characteristic’s of country girls not been proven valuable, chances are many city girls would be reliving the infamous scene of Marilyn Monroe’s white dress being blown up on a city sidewalk.

Girls everywhere should observe many of the personality traits of country girls, but what exactly are these traits? Have a look:

  • First and foremost, a country girl is an independent woman; this means that she seldom asks for other’s help if she is capable of doing something herself.
  • A country girl may know how to get down and play dirty, but she also knows when it is appropriate to arrive rested, put-together, and prepared.
  • A country girl knows how to present herself in a poised and professional manner. Additionally, she knows that such a self-presentation may come at any time, so to prepare for the unexpected, she takes care of herself on a day-to-day basis.
  • A country girl does not “make mountains out of molehills.” This means that she does not let minor setbacks get to her.  Instead, she finds a way to fix a problem, or simply takes a deep breath and moves on.
  • A country girl knows what she wants. When she sets her sights on something she will work hard to get it.
  • A country girl does not make rash decisions based on impulse. Instead, she takes her time to think before making moves.
  • A country girl does not let the negativity of others get to her. That said, she does not badmouth others (and if she does, she is absolutely certain to do so in private).
  • A country girl does not “cry over spilled milk.” She understands that accidents happen, and even if an accident is because of her doing, she knows that overacting will not fix the situation.
  • A country girl does place high expectations on others around her.
  • A country girl knows that fairytales belong in storybooks. That said, she knows that she will find her prince charming, but she does not need him to rescue her.
  • A country girl does not put more into a relationship than her partner puts in.
  • A country girl is known to preach the phrase “treat others how you want to be treated.” She is also known to practice what she’s preached.
  • A country girl is not needy in any situation.
  • A country girl knows the value of the dollar. She knows it means to work hard for your money and she is fully capable of financial responsibility and independence.

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