Best Colors for Cancers

Cancer women can pull off just about anything with their gorgeous facial structures, but there are certain colors that just make the emphasis on their beauty pop and go way up. Today, Lionesse is going to take a deeper look into the colors that are best worn by Cancer women. These colors could pertain to anything, from fashion, to accessories, and even nail colors.

Woman wearing metallic makeup

Metallic hues such as silver have been said to be the best on the Cancer woman – and it’s no wonder, as this sign is ruled by the moon itself. The illuminating effect of the moon just screams silver, and therefore, looks gorgeous on any Cancer. Other metallic colors such as gold, copper, and bronze also look astonishing on the Cancerian.

Though this is a bit outside the box for you, Cancer, when you need a pop of color in your life, you will most certainly want to opt for a yellow-orange hue. This color is fabulous for summer, goes well with your vibrant, positive personality, and showcases your emotional traits well. This color will also help to add something special to your skin.

Woman wearing a stylish white dress.

White tends to look breathtaking on this sign, and reflects their personality nicely. White gives the impression of illuminating the skin, which is major for Cancer women. Glowing, illuminated skin is one of the main characteristic traits of a Cancer – and adding a bit more glow never hurts. You can choose pure whites, creams, off whites, and pearl colors.

Grey is another color that, similar to silver, will help to bring out your features and help you look absolutely stunning. It’s perfect for the office, as grey is a very neutral color which goes with just about anything without being too loud.

Woman wearing a green dress sitting in a park.

Green or Blue Green
Green and blue green promote a sense of well-being, prosperity, and overall calm and tranquility. This is great for the Cancerian, who is by nature moody yet adores living a natural, peaceful setting and mindset. This color will help tame down your moodiness, and bring inner peace and tranquility.

Sea Green
Sea green hues are wonderful options for career based clothing and when dealing with any professional aspect of your life, whether it be interviewing or even when heading to the bank to obtain a loan.

Fashionable women wearing pink and white clothes.

Pink or Peach
Pink or peach hues are fabulous on you, and will work well on any day of the week, whether worn for work or play.

Tan is another great color option for you, Cancer. Another great color you can wear at the office, tan is basically a go-to color that you can pair with anything, from black, to brown, to red, and more. Tan will look fabulous on your probably fair skin, and help you look professional and classy all day or all night.

Pastel peach colored derss

Aside from pink or peach, other pastel colors work very well for your sign, such as blues, light purples, and other pastel hues. These can work for any situation.

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