Beauty Trend: Lip Oils

Most women love to apply lipstick, whether it’s to add some color to the face, or to disguise a late night’s dark circles and draw attention elsewhere. Some women have to have their lipstick on a daily basis, whereas other women save it for special occasions. The problem is, lipstick can be drying – and that’s something no woman wants to experience. Now, there is a new product in town – lip oils. These amazing lip products infused with oils apply moisture and color to the lips, adding their own special twist on the typical lipsticks of yesterday. Lionesse has the low down on lip oils, which ones you should opt for, and what they can do for you in the article below.

Lip Oil


Lip Oil by beautybloggersarah featuring Bare Escentuals

What Are Lip Oils?
Lip oils are, essentially, gloss like in nature and are infused with moisturizing oil to help the lips stay well hydrated throughout the day, adding color, shine, and hydration all in one. Many women enjoy applying a lip gloss or lip glaze over the top of a matte lipstick for an added shine boost – with these products, you no longer have to. They also go on fairly sheer, which is nice for the spring months. If you’re in the mood for a shiny, colorful lip, choose a lip oil.

How to Apply a Lip Oil
Lip oil should be applied like a regular lip gloss – but there is one important step you should take to prolong its wear. Using a lip liner, trace the lips before applying the color to help it stay within the bounds of your lips, and not move or bleed outside of it’s intended zone. This tends to happen with oil based products as your body heat warms them up, displacing them. Play it safe, and use a lip liner. Also, you will need to reapply the lip oil every so often to ensure the color remains as they generally aren’t long lasting.

Colors to Opt For
Since spring is all about the bright, pretty, feminine color schemes, opt for colors like:

  • Coral
  • Pinks of all shades
  • Berry colors
  • Purple hues

And any other bright, springy color you can find. The fun thing about these types of lip colors is the fact that you can change them up throughout the day as they don’t stain the lip. 

Brands To Choose From
Almost every major lip brand has jumped on board the band wagon in terms of creating lip oils all their own, but some of the main brands pushing their products to the next level are:

  • Bare Minerals
  • Yves St. Laurent
  • Josie Maran
  • Bite Beauty

Nearly every drug and department store will be carrying these products fairly soon, if they aren’t already – and Lionesse can tell you, these products are heating up and flying off the shelves fast. Be sure to get in on this beauty trend to get the best look possible for the season, and to have perfectly pretty lips with tons of moisture all day long.

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