Be Your Inner Disney Princess

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We all have one man to thank for all the magical Disney Princess inspired costumes, coloring books and puzzles that filled our childhood (or your children’s childhood if you happened to be a queen at during the 90’s), and his name is Andy Mooney! Andy started working for Disney in 1999 with the duty of improving consumer products. That same year Andy had the pleasure of attending a Disney On Ice show, when he noticed that girls dressed up as princesses surrounded him. At the time, these girls were sporting non-Disney, generic princess get-ups, which gave Andy the idea of the Disney Princess franchise.

Now, while dressing up in a Cinderella replica gown, slipping on some glass grippers and balancing a crown on our hair all day may have made you feel like a princess as a little girl, it is no secret that these same methods don’t work today.

However, there is no reason that you should have to leave your inner princess in your childhood memories! We here at Lionesse believe that a woman should feel like royalty more often than not. Go ahead and take a look at our tips to help you be your inner Disney princess each and every day.

Princess Posture
According to research women who enter a room with their head held high radiate more confidence than those who slouch, that is why you will always see a princess with her chin up. This is important because princesses are always sure to embark on their day with confidence and self-esteem! Plus, have you ever heard of an unhappy princess? Of course not! That’s because they are always standing straight in perfect princess posture form. To find out more about posture and the effect it has on your mood, check out our article stand tall, eat well, hydrate.

Princess (Nannies and) Peddies
Yes, ladies you read the right! If you don’t already get your nails and toes regularly, then we are making the strong suggestion that you put it to the top of your to-do list. Getting your nails done brings out your inner Disney princess in more ways than one! Fist of all, when you are sitting in the massage chair at the salon, you should not be thinking about the big presentation that you have at work this week, you should be relaxing, simply because you are paying for service that is meant to help you relax. So while the nail tech. is shaping your nails, take a few deep breaths and let your inner princess chill out. The second reason this is important is because studies show that woman who regularly get their nails done have higher confidence than those who don’t. And remember, Princesses are always doing their best to feel confident!

A Princess In A Queen Bed
Bring out your inner Disney princess by being sure that you are getting your full 6-8 hours of sleep each and every night! After all, a princess can’t better her kingdom without a full night’s rest. Some of us have a hard time falling asleep these days, so here are a few tips to get your bedtime routine Disney princess worthy. (1) Get some new, comfy pjs that you know a princess would approve of. (2) Wash up and turn off the electronics 45-60 minutes before you get under the covers. (3) Don’t be afraid to dream, seriously! This phrase is repeated to little princesses as they mature, but you should still dream big. If you have an awesome idea as you fall asleep, roll over and make a note of it in a journal!

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