Winter Beauty Tutorial

Lionesse would like to introduce you to our guest blogger Despina who is here to show you how to get the perfect winter beauty look through this beautiful how-to tutorial. 

Finished Look

Hello guys, this is my wintery makeup kind of glam tutorial. 🙂 So let’s get right into doing it.

Step 1 - Start with moisturized face

Like always I’m starting off with a clean face and I’ve applied moisturizer already.

Step 2 - Apply foundation, fill eyebrows, apply concealer

Next I’m applying foundation using a foundation brush, you can do this with a sponge or your hands whether you feel makes your skin flawless. I’m filling in my eyebrows with an angle brush and a matching eyebrow kit. After that, I’m applying concealer on the parts of my face that I want to highlight and blending it into my skin with a concealer brush.

Step 3 - Apply eyeshadow primer

Moving on to the eyes. First things first, I’m always using eyeshadow primer before applying eyeshadow, it makes the eyeshadow pop and it kind of sticks to it and lasts longer.

Apply gray eyeshadow, blend color on eyelid

I’m using a gray color and I’m applying it with a flat eyeshadow brush to get it in the outer corner of my crease, using a blending brush I’m blending the color all over my lid.

Step 5 - Darken outer corners

When blended enough just apply a little bit product using that same flat brush on the outer corner of your eye, to darken it a bit.

Step 6 - Use black eyeshadow for smokey look

With a blending brush, I’m taking a bit of a black eyeshadow and blend the outer corner for a smokier look.

Step 7 - Blue eyeshadow on inner corner of eyes

Moving on to the inner corner of my eye I’m applying blue eyeshadow and blending it to soften it a bit. Right in my inner corner I’m applying this white foliated shimmery shade to open up my eyes.

Step 8 - Finish eye look with eyeliner and mascara.

Next, I shall finish the eye look with eyeliner and mascara and clean any eyeshadow fallout with a concealer brush.

Step 9 - Contour face, highlight tip of nose and cupids bow, apply lipstick.

I’m just going to lightly contour my face go give it shape, and I’m highlighting the tip of my nose and my cupids bow, next I’m applying lipstick and clearing the mess I made with a concealer. 🙂

Winter Beauty Makeup - Finished Look

And this is my finished look. I hope you like it.

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