Why You Need A Fake Nail Break

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Walking into a nail salon is something every girl should do at least once in her lifetime. Opening up that glass door to the one of a kind aroma of acetone, nail lacquer, and lotion. Usually, you’ll see a row of pedicure chairs lining one wall and rows of nail booths along the other. As that doorbell sounds the entire room of people glances over at you, many shedding a friendly smile. Once you’re given your cue, you ponder at the endless color options – the hardest part is usually deciding between two almost-identical, but not exactly the same) shades. Eenie meenie miney mo it is. By the time you leave the nail tech’s booth you feel like a whole new woman.

Aside from the experience of the process of getting fake nails, why are so many women so consumed with long decorated nails? The answer to this question is one for another time, although we want you to consider what exactly encourages you to get a full set week after week. Then, after reading through the implications below, consider if it’s really worth it? You might find that it’s time for you to take a fake nail break.

It’s Time to Exhale
Remember that lovely nail salon aroma we talked about? While it may actually smell good to you, this is due to the positive association that you have developed from repeated exposure to the smell upon a feel-good event; that is, you enjoy getting your nails done, which means the happy chemicals in your brain will increase at even the thought of this smell. So, you’re left thinking that all these chemicals smell good. Not to burst your bubble, but this scent you’ve come to know as part of the manicure experience is a mix of toxic chemicals, including resins and formaldehyde. This may seem like no big deal, but the very chemicals found in nail salons have been shown to increase one’s risk of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

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Your Nail Need to Breathe
Just like your skin has a breathing-like process that is used to keep the dermis and epidermis functioning, your nails need to breathe, too. These same chemicals that are toxic to your lungs are also toxic to your nail bed. Adhering such powerful chemicals to the surface of the nail for long periods of time can lead to weak, brittle nails. In extreme cases, some women have lost their entire nail. When your nails can’t breathe, they begin to deter and destruct until there’s nothing left.

Too Close For Comfort
The reason the chemicals suffocate and weaken the nails is in-part due to the super close bond between the natural nail and the acrylic nail. In fact, the bond between the natural and artificial nail is stronger than the bond between that natural nail and the nail bed. Yeah, this means that the fake nail won’t fall off the natural nail – instead, if your nail gets caught in a sticky situation, it will rip the entire natural nail from the nail bed.

Of course, there are instances when the acrylic separates from the natural nail due to bubbles or air pockets. However, the strength of the acrylic keeps a close bond to the nail. When dirt and bacteria slip into these air pockets, the acrylic creates a dark, warm, and damp environment for the bacteria to grow and lead to infection.

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