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You might be snowed in today but, before you know it, you’ll be packing your beach bag and slathering on the sun block. That’s right, summer is right around the corner, which means the latest trends will be making statements and turning heads sooner than later. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find the hottest spring and summer makeup trends of 2017.

Lips: Ombré Orange
Just when we thought the ombré trend was fading, the ombré orange lip was turning heads with people asking “how can I rock that?” After some practice, you’ll have this ombré lip down-pat. Get the fire looking lip by starting with a lip exfoliator. This will remove all the dry winter skin from your lips, that way the color can go on nice and smooth. Next, apply a lip primer; this is particularly important because you will be using three different lip colors, and although you’ll want them to blend a bit, you don’t want them to morph into one another. If you don’t have a lip primer on hand, a light-weight liquid foundation works just as well. Now, go ahead and line your lips with a cherry-colored liner, being sure to make the width of the liner slightly wider than usual. Follow up with a burnt orange shade of lipstick; it’s best to use a lip brush here to control the slight blending with the liner. Finally, use your finger to dab a bright orange pigment in the very center of your upper and lower lips.

Eyes: Wonderful Watercolors
Watercolor patterns have become increasingly popular over the past few years; not just in artwork and clothing patterns, but also in makeup looks! Keeping with the recent underwater or mermaid trend that took millennials by storm, watercolor eyes are elegant enough for a five-star dinner cruise and playful enough for a lakeside picnic. Keep in mind that this look can be a bit tricky to create at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be sporting watercolor lids every chance you get. The idea is to take three-to-four different colors of shadow and blend them into each other. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Well in order to get the watercolor effect, it’s important to have varying colors with similar tones. After priming your lids, use a yellow shadow to cover the entire lid and line the bottom lash line. Next, use a green hue; looking straight in the mirror, dust the green color on the area of the lid above the outer white of the eye. Then, looking straight on, use a blue shade to cover the part of the lid above the colored part of your eye. Finally, dust a light pink or purple colored shadow on the inner corners of your eye. Use a small brush to soften any harsh lines between pigments.

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All-over Complexion: Natural Beauty
The no-makeup makeup trend received much attention in recent years, however, it passed along the message that women still needed to apply heavy makeup in order to look naturally beautiful. The beauty world is taking a stand by embracing natural beauty by only adding a bit of color to bring out their features. You can get the look by applying an SPF fortified daily moisturizer (or a BB cream if you have imperfections that you’d rather not bare), then apply a light mauve colored blush to the apples of the cheeks. Follow up with the slightest bit of taupe colored shadow on your lids, and finish with your favorite tinted lip balm.

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