Wearing the Rainbow

For the past few years, the beauty world has favored neutral and monotone makeup palettes. While the nude trend remains, the beauty world has welcomed in the bold statement of color – or colors, should we say? It seems that wearing a rainbow of colors is the season’s biggest trend. Rainbow patterns started popping up on the runways of New York Fashion Week, and soon after celebrities began taking part in the trend. Now beauticians and fashionistas are joining in and supporting the rainbow trend by incorporating extra color into everything from hairstyles to nail art to unique makeup looks.

The rainbow trend sends a positive message to both men and women, that it’s okay to embrace your beauty and to foster your creativity. The trend comes at a perfect time when the young adult of our nation are in need of positivity and encouragement. Whether you want to wear the rainbow as a means of support and encouragement of others, or you are simply interested in rocking the latest non-nude color trend, you’re sure to make a statement. Check out the list of ideas bellow of ways that you can wear the rainbow!

Rainbow hair

Rainbow Hair
There are umpteen different ways to go about rocking rainbow hair! When doing a simple search of the trend, not only will you see various styles of how the hair is colored, but you will also find several different rainbow hair color palettes. While all of the other rainbow trends can be done on your own, it is highly suggested that you visit a professional colorist to make sure the style comes out as desired.

Rainbow Brows
Rainbow brows or rainbrows are one of today’s hottest ways to release your inner unicorn. You can choose to stick to one color that coordinates with your look, or you can use multiple colors to create an ombre rainbrow. All you need are colored eyebrow pencils to get the job done! If you can’t find eyebrow pencils in the hue your want, check out the colored eyeliner, it will work just as well.

Rainbow Lashes
Multi-colored lashes have been showing up all over social media and now you can give them a try too! Just about any company that makes brown and black mascara is now making an assortment of other colors as well. Grab every color you can and apply each color to only a small section of lashes, keep switching the color every so often to achieve perfect rainbow lashes.

Rainbow Freckles
Anyone who doesn’t have natural freckles yearns for the delicate beauty marks. Now those with and without freckles are decorating their complexion with rainbow freckles. Simply create the look by using a q-tip to dot on lipstick and liquid liner of any color you please.

Rainbow nails

Rainbow Nails
The options of rainbow nail designs are endless, but if you’re unsure of how to take part in the trend, here are few ideas for inspiration:

  • Traditional rainbow nails, alternating from one color to the next.
  • Tie-die rainbow nails, they are super easy to achieve if you’re willing to watch a tutorial or two.
  • Into the cloud nails, these can be done by painting just one nail on each hand a rainbow pattern, and painting all other nails white, metallic, or silver glitter.
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