Using Drugstore Foundation to Cover Tattoos


Although the nation has become much more accepting of a person’s individuality and freedom of expression, there are still some instances where you may feel that showing off your tattoo is less-than-perfectly appropriate. You may find yourself in a panic when such situations arise, but after today you’ll no longer need to stress about the visibility of your ink. Read through the guide below that provides you with step-by-step instructions on covering your tattoo in minutes!

Step 1
Before you begin to cover up your tattoo you should diligently clean the entire surface of the skin (just like you would before applying makeup to your face). Many people prefer to use a facial cleanser regardless of the location of the tattoo, as facial cleansers are specifically formulated to lift oils and debris from the skin whereas other soaps are formulated with a focus on scent.

Step 2 
Apply a drugstore primer that is formulated to the specific area of your body. For example, if your tattoo is on your ankle and the skin is dry, apply a primer formulated for dry skin. Likewise, if the primer is on your wrist and you expect to be movin’ and groovin’ throughout the day, go for a long-lasting formula.

Step 3
Using the drugstore brand of your choice, apply a heavy, full coverage concealer that is particularly lighter than the shade of your natural skin tone. You’ll want to use a makeup sponge or the pads of your fingers to dab the concealer around the surface of your tattoo. Dabbing is an important part of the coverage process as it allows the product to build whereas rubbing spreads the product.

Step 4
After you’ve blurred your tattoo with concealer, allow it to dry. Failure to do so before moving onto the next step will make the coverage much less effective.

Step 5
Apply a drugstore foundation—this time, one that matches your skin tone perfectly—over the concealer. Again, use a sponge or your fingers to blot and dab the product into the skin. If it seems ultra-necessary, you can always use a blending brush to ensure that there are no evident lines of demarcation between your skin and the makeup.

Step 6
Again, it’s crucial that you allow the foundation the proper amount of dry time. This way the foundation can set and provide the full coverage that you’re expecting.

Step 7
Use a full powder brush to apply a few layers of translucent finishing powder. It’s important to use a large brush, as it offers a thin and even coverage; however, because the coverage is thin, it’s important to apply a few dustings. Bear in mind that the translucent powder shouldn’t have any sort of brightening agent is it will reflect the light and draw attention to that area of your skin.

Step 8
Once the makeup suits your coverage needs, apply a light layer of hairspray. Similar to the idea of applying a setting spray to your face, finishing tattoo coverage with hairspray locks the product in place while also acting as a barrier, preventing the makeup from rubbing off.

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