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The Skinny on Permanent Makeup

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In a society that highly values time-saving innovations almost more than money, permanent makeup, by just the name alone sounds awfully enticing to many women who spend a good deal of time in situations that require being well-dressed, with full effects of hair and makeup included. While the technique has been in practice for quite a while, it is gaining in popularity among a wider expanse of women, as a way to dispense with one of the more time absorbing morning rituals required of attention, most mornings.

What is Permanent Makeup?
Permanent makeup is a bit misleading, as it is actually not makeup at all; but rather a form of cosmetic tattooing called micro-pigmentation that is rendered to different areas of the face. By surgically embedding different organic pigments just beneath the skin, the form of a permanent coloration is thus infused to take the place of makeup that only lasts hours, at best. This procedure is performed using a handheld tool that operates a super thin needle. The needle performs a rapid puncturing of the skin–around 100 per minute, and with each puncture, it creates a pathway for the pigment to permeate that location, just beneath the skin. Just like other forms of tattooing.

Available Forms of Permanent Makeup
Among the various targets for permanent makeup procedures currently available, micro-pigmentation is conducted to replace eyeliner, augment eyebrows, bring deep color to the lips, mimic eyeshadow and even blush. Some or all of these procedures are gaining in popularity among women everywhere, and of all ages, who are seeking the obvious time-saving benefits of permanently skipping this aspect to getting ready. The eyebrows can be reshaped in the perfect arch and thinly or more substantially–whatever is desired. Imagine never again worrying about perfect placement of your blush or eyeshadow. Lips that are permanently tattooed can be made larger, and micro-pigmentation eliminates lipstick bleeding, and is an excellent way to cover up lip scars. And don’t worry if a particular boldly-colored outfit requires a distinctive color change of your permanent makeup, as it’s easy to change, by applying the desired color(s) as you’ve always done–right over your tattooed skin.

Things to Know
Obviously, you want to make sure that the aesthetician you choose to perform your micro-pigmentation is experienced and talented. Check references and verify them, if need be. If you can find one recommended by a cosmetic surgeon, you’ll do fine. The person should be fully licensed with the proper credentials. By ensuring this, you know you’ll be protected from methods or poorly maintained equipment that might give you an infection. The aesthetician should wear gloves and use sterilized equipment. Your initial treatment should be preceded by a patch test on your skin. You should expect to experience a slight stinging during the process, from the needle penetrating your skin. Immediately following your procedure, the color will appear to be darker, and may look shiny. There will probably be peripheral swelling and redness. This is expected and normal. It will take about three weeks for the actual color of your tattoo to emerge.

Caring for your Permanent Makeup
Immediately following your procedure, cold compresses will help alleviate swelling, and an application of antibiotic ointment will help avoid infection. Being in direct sunlight is a good way to bleach out the color of your permanent makeup, and just like always, good sunscreen is needed, especially in the weeks that follow your procedure, as it could prevent unwanted changes to your color, as well.

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