Why You Need More Collagen in Your Diet

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Unlike other nutrients, it’s rare to come across information about the importance of mindfully including collagen in your diet. Perhaps this is because we typically don’t notice a need for more collagen until we’re about 35 years old. Without going any further, let’s backtrack for a moment… Just below the outer layer of skin (i.e., the dermis) is the substance we refer to as “collagen.” Collagen is naturally produced by…

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Skin Care

The Role of Vitamins in Your Skin Care

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Taking care of your skin—just like all the other organs in your body—should be an absolute priority. After all, your skin is the largest organ of the body. Hopefully, you’re already in the habit of consuming a multivitamin before you leave the house each day. This is an important step to your overall health and self-care routine simply because the average American doesn’t consume the proper amount of micronutrients through…

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Quick Makeup Application For When You Oversleep

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As much as we’d all love wake up with the beauty of a Disney princess, it’s about as unrealistic as finding a prince charming before one’s eighteenth birthday. Also unrealistic: clocking in at eight hours for a full night’s sleep. These days, getting a full eight hours of sleep usually means sleeping in. Sure, sleeping in is a great feeling, but for several adults, hitting the snooze button that extra…

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Beauty Makeup

Celeb Inspired Winter Makeup Ideas

If you were a red carpet, A-lister celebrity, how would you do your makeup? While the inquiring minds of fans everywhere want to know, If they indeed want to know–then they should look to the top makeup artists who are the faces behind the lavish looks of all those leading women. While there are probably a few sparsely numbered occasions when circumstances dictate that a top-billed celebrity must tragically suffer…

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