Skin Care

Treating Dark Spots And Melasma

While patchy dark brown spots on your face may seem frightening, chances are more than likely that these spots are the result of a skin condition called Melasma. While may not have heard of Melasma before, the condition is quite ...Read More

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Goth Is Hot This Winter

gothic girl

“I’m…goth. And proud. It’s not just a subculture.
It’s a way of life.
It’s not about depression
or accessories or wearing all black (goths wear colors too).
It’s about how you choose to express yourself.”

|Source: Author Unknown|

There are ...Read More

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Glammy Eyeliner Techniques

Woman applying eyeliner

Just wing it. Life, eyeliner, everything.

|Source: Unknown| 

Life can be rough. With the excitement of a summer promotion behind us, dog days of summer upon us, the school year only days ahead of us, procrastination nation takes over. One ...Read More

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Tips for Keeping Makeup in Place

Stylist applying makeup

One of the worst reoccurring tragedies in a lady’s day is when she crosses her reflection only to notice that her bomb brow game, fab winged liner, and creaseless concealer didn’t last through the day. Unfortunately, this happens to far ...Read More

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