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Skin Care Ingredients That Treat Flaky Skin

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The truth is, dry, itchy, and flaky skin is much more complicated than it seems. In fact, you may not realize it now, but many of the skincare products that you use every day could be the cause of your dry skin woes. We’re not suggesting that every product in your skin care arsenal is “bad,” rather we want to make you aware of the harsh additives, toxins, and chemicals…

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Celebrity Secrets for Glowing Skin

Like it or not, celebrity skin care can be quite a controversial issue. To put the growing conversation into perspective, think back to the previous decade. You may remember waiting in the checkout line at the supermarket and glancing over the magazines with covers that were either bashing your favorite celeb’s un-photo-shopped beach body or phrasing those who lost unrealistic amounts of body weight in days. If you’re like most…

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Hair Makeup

Time Saving Hair and Makeup Tips

According to a recent data, the average woman spends roughly an hour getting ready every morning. But imagine being able to sleep in – that’s right, we didn’t day “wake up late,” we said “sleep in” –  even thirty minutes more, without having to rush your morning routine. Imagine cutting the amount of time you spend getting ready in half, making it to work on time, and still looking fabulous. It…

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